I’m Bad.


This person once kept saying to me, “You are who you think you are.” It’s a phrase I never got and probably don’t even now but for this short duration while I went in for a shoot with Sunith Shyam, revolving around  Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride theme, I kind of followed it like a mantra, probably the only I’ve ever even repeated entirely. Until the shoot started and in between shots, I was this chirpy, frisky, not a worry in the world, devil-may-care (you get more than just the point) kind of person. But every 3, 2, 1..go from Sunith brought out this wild child. The kind you’d much rather keep a distance from even if there is no real reason to do so, much like the proverbial black cat.

Just thinking I was dark inside brought it out on my face, expressions and my thought process. On seeing the final edit, I wanted to find out what’s going on in that girl’s head. I looked mysteriously scary and that I would probably haunt myself in my sleep that night. Which I did, but that turned out to be as funny as a Bollywood “horror” flick.

That’s the power of the mind, you do as you think, you think based on what you’ve done before and you mix up all these phases into one personality, one with a sweet side and another with the darkness of Satan’s soul.
Good thing being, it’s quite easy to switch characters and I do it like a pro. That doesn’t necessarily make me soggy with a sugar overdose nor a dictator with barbed wire tattoos around my neck. It just makes my way of dressing a bit of a split personality.

This post also has a small dedication to Michael Jackson who I fell in love with at the age of 5 when I saw a larger than life poster up in my friend’s sister’s room.
It goes without saying that he lived a judged life, but the moves, music and magic of the glove made me not care about the rest.

Just like all of us would like to be remembered, yes?
Because, in the end, who decides I’m bad?

Photography, effects, editing:  Sunith Shyam
Styling, Make-Up: Namita
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