I could start this post with something philosophical. But that’s not what Fastrack is about. It’s about F*******ing good products and move on, men. If in fact, fastrack was a friend, it would be the kinds to get me into trouble, then buy me a beer and ask me to deal with it. It’s funny how their “move on” tagline fits in beautifully with where I am right now but I’m going to save you that torture, save it for a bright, sunny, happy Friday, possibly when you’re stuck in traffic or late at work. And I know you’ll expect some funny one-liners so you’ll read it. And I will spoil your day and get you thinking. Challenge accepted.

So fastrack recently asked me if I’d like to do a review on their new products along with an outfit post. I tried to put my price up but then I saw a watch. I liked it. Also, the brand has a bit of sentimental value, you see, the first watch I was gifted and the first pair of sunglasses I could afford with my pittance were from fastrack. I even have a file photo of the shades. That’s right, I was proud of them. May they rest in peace.

My three absolute favourite men’s products are shirts, watches and perfumes. I do, however, prefer them on me. Here is where I introduce the Fastrack Men’s watch. A big watch, in my opinion makes a big statement. Also, I like a bit of androgyny in my outfits and that predilection made me pick out the military inspired watch and style it with a feminine ruffle tiered skirt. The watch is chunky, rugged and has a mess-with-me-not feel to it. It also fit in perfectly with the outfit because it took away some of the daintiness and added a rough edge to the ensemble while the red bomber is quite the cherry on top.

Fastrack became a cult brand soon after it’s launch and their relatable campaigns swept the young ones off their feet, like Ryan Gosling in all his movies would. How could they not after all, with reasonable prices and quality that can live through a mosh pit at a Metallica concert. A brand that still holds cult status yet adheres to the sensibilities of the stylish best, their new collection is definitely one to check out. It’s a steal. But here’s a suggestion, head to their store with enough time on your hands, it’s a fashion statement in itself.

This shoot has a story to it’s credit too. The gods of outfit posts got my mailer and knew that I was shooting for a brand that encourages you to go ahead, move on and face it. To get the right look and feel, they made it rain, only with gusts of cold winds that had the entire crew’s hands blue by the end of the shoot. Initially I cribbed about dripping mascara and goosebumps but by the end of it, I was having so much fun that I called in for hot chai and behind the scenes images. It was also, personally quite a deal for me, for my fear of heights made me a bit paranoid about slipping and falling 5 floors down, face-first. Dripping Mascara would be the least of my problems now that I come to think of it. It didn’t help that everyone pointed out that it was my decision to sit on the rooftop edge in the first place. Maybe, just maybe wearing the watch made me a bit gutsy while the rain obscured my judgement and vision of how high up I really was. Thank god I’m alive and not buried with my first pair of fastrack sunglasses and watch though. May they rest some more in peace.

Focusing on the ground below, for after death shots
But, my mascara

Can you put a stopper on the winds if not the rain
One for instagram
Ok. slowly let go, I SAID SLOWLY
Will you please stand there, that way I’ll fall on you and be safe
Lets atleast make sure we have video footage in case she falls,
so we have evidence that we didn’t do it. Also, youtube hits bro, they’re the biggest thing now
I was freaking out? Biggest joke I’ve heard all year
Cuz we just accomplished a space mission
And that is how you do it

Oh joy! I am alive after all.

Skirt: So old that I can’t remember, Bomber Jacket and Tee: Max, Flats: Bangkok, Bag: shopnineteen.com
Watch: Fastrack


Photo credits: James Kiran Joel and Justin Jerry John

Take some risks, Get over your fears but be careful
Take A Bow

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