The Stalwart Skirt

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 I will have to wait until I grow into it. By at least 5 feet.

 The Dictionary defines stalwart as outstanding reliability and loyalty, or an effusive display of strength. 

The word settled in my mind after pulling out this tartan skirt from the ashes, yep, it has a bit of personal history attached to it.
My first encounter with the culturally rich Scottish Checks was when my dad got me a stark red wrap-around skirt from London. I was really upset, afterall, what was I supposed to do with a skirt? Wear it? Had I been given a remote controlled car or an action figure, I might have wallowed less. But the need to clothe oneself saw me adamantly wear the skirt to school with a peter-pan collared blouson for an annual day function, a complete prima-donna. I was 5 then and ended up wearing the skirt well into the decade.

Maybe about 8 years back, when tartans had left the fashion scene with just the scent of nostalgia lingering behind, my cousin sister got me this as a gift from one of her work trips. I don’t know where she got it but I knew I wasn’t going to wear it for a while. I thought the skirt was wayyyy too long *insert that’s what she said joke* and I felt I had to grow into it, by 5 feet at least.

Skirt: Similar Here, Shirt: Max, Heels: Donebynone, Blazer: Mango,
Brooch and Belt: Pieces, Rings:, Bag: Nyciti

Turns out, midi lengths are creating ripples of the roaring kind and the skirt was meant to be worn afterall. I got my mum to fix up the fastening a bit and tried it on, for the first time in 8 years. Feeling liberated, feeling like my style had gone a full circle.

This skirt is perfect for the winters, it’s warm and emerald green, the colour of the season. It has the easiest silhouette, just wraps around to drape you and goes well as a formal pick, with a classic white shirt or for an outing with a tube top tucked in and a chunky neck-piece. I frankly don’t know where to get an exact one but tartans are reproducing like rabbit babies and there’s a similar one on (See photo caption)
Best bet? Get one made to fit you.

This also offsets the first of the winter posts, I did one set last year and the OCD makes me want to continue that. The timing seems to fit in perfectly as while typing this post out, here’s what I found. A doodle to mark the first day of winter. Google really does know everything about everyone everywhere eh?

Photo Credits: James Kiran Joel

Winter Wear, There, Everywhere!

Take A Bow

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