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 January 2014. I have a good feeling about this year. I hope, like last year, the good feeling does turn to an actual set of happenings. A year has gone by and we at Take A Bow have a lot planned out. these are not just mere resolutions although it would help to keep those going too, it’s more of trying to find our space in this vast internet space with overnight teen sensations and the next big things. The first on our list to to-do’s is to create a cover. Like those in a magazine, only real. I’ve always been in awe of the work that goes into a successful magazine and the way ideas and advice is put together and I wanted one of my own. Here’s introducing to you, Take A Bow’s first ever magazine cover, where we keep you informed on what to look forward to that month and take back your queries and ideas in return for the time you spend on us. it feels great that you do.
This month we continue the Winter Wear posts and show you how to incorporate you summer staples and pastels into Fall Winter. It’s quite easy really, to put on a few layers of garments and we hope you’d try it out for yourself.
Lined up, we do have another post for the boys, our very own quirky take on what a guy must-have. In his wardrobe and on him. We promise to also try and get one of the guys to take you through a simple must-have garment and it’s styling, just as soon as we can afford to pay him ;)
Lastly, a two-post feature on my current favourite pair of peg trousers, a pair I can get enough of and would like to wear everywhere. I actually did just that and have a simple day to night styling option with the same trousers.
While I ponder over my resolutions this year, do go achieve your own. Here’s to welcoming A new beginning, a new us and most importantly, a new you.
Take A Bow
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