The Slung Trench

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The day I have a walk-in closet and swimming pool. That will be the day I slow down. I don’t think I can ever stop completely.

Do you ever feel that you’re watching life go by while you’re busy working?

I do too, except that I like it. I like knowing that I’ve spent most of my day working and for me, it doesn’t tire. The running around does but having loads to do makes me want to keep going, especially since I’m finally doing what I like. When I complete projects, or say PACK UP, it elates me and gives me a sense of getting closer to the goal I made for myself a few years back.  
Being one of those “boring people” who sits with a laptop at a coffee shop while mailing, gossiping, sipping tea, reading, OCDing and more, makes me happy. Staying out late for a shoot is more fulfilling to me than staying out late for drinks. Scouring a magazine to me is more fun than clubbing or doing a road trip. It’s also more fun because it fits in with my laziness. I don’t know how long this madness will last but I’m hoping it does atleast till I can half-sponsor a swimming pool and make puss-in-boots eyes at the random pedestrian for the other half. 
Trench: Vero moda, Dress: AND at lifestyle, Booties: Tibetan plaza, Shades:, Stockings: some lingering lingerie store, Bracelet: splash

Photo Credits: James Kiran Joel
At my job, we’ve been shooting continuously for the past few weeks and have had to pull-off some early morningers as well. It’s finally cold in my city but gets super warm during the day so I have to dress in a way that I can layer and peel-off as required. Which makes this ensemble kinda perfect. With a light trench on, it’s great till 11: am. after which I can just sling the trench over my shoulders and show off the shift dress which has seen me through many seasons.
Slung jackets and outerwear is the latest trend by the way and I love it. I don;t say it enough but I’m lazy and putting on sleeves eats up 1 more minute of my time and 1 more calorie off my belly.
Sling it over your shoulders, stay slouchy.
Take A Bow
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