A Peg In The Day

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Wear a sack. But make it look like a sack designed just for you.

Sometimes the kind of clothes we wear are often determined by the kind of lifestyle and work we have.

 I love dresses and skirts, the shorter, the better. But, with the problem of having to work for a living comes another problem, one of having to ride a bike. And bikes and skirts do not get along; you’ll be stuck in the middle having to choose between your mother and better half. Yep it really is that bad and after a few attempts to wear a skirt on the bike, I cussed, then gave up.
Also, I need to constantly walk and be on my feet the entire day at work, shoots get crazy hectic and everyone’s running around aimlessly and walking into walls so heels too are a complete no-no unless you leave your feet behind at work and get home. So pants and flats are the only two options that keep you comfortable.
These peg trousers are currently my go-to pair at most shoots because they’re really comfortable, are affordable enough for me to not care about which footpath I plonk myself on and have spacious pockets that I can fill up with clips, a sewing kit, a bottle of bisleri and sometimes the models themselves.
Wearing: Trousers: Max, Top and rings: Splash, Neckpiece: koovs.com, Flats: Bangkok
On my lips: Colourbar Extra Durable LipColour in Wow, Colourbar Lash Illusion Duo Mascara, Olay BB moisturiser

Photo Credits: Shreejith Fotographia
I did a post last week on how to wear them at night and this is me wearing them during the day. There really was no thinking involved in this post, I just showed up at work and decided to do a couple of shots during the lunch break. It helps that this too, has been shot outdoors so it fits in with the last one well.
I went with an all blue ensemble, I’m particularly partial to all-black but thought of moving away from the safety a bit and added just a statement neckpiece and a red pout to give it a bit of style.
The best part about peg trousers though, is that they’re unisex. One day, my boss and I were both wearing these navy blue ones. Things could’ve gotten awkward but then it’s fashion. If it works for you, you can make it work for everyone else who sees you.
Dress well, even if in slouchy sacks
Take A Bow
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