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 Love. Laugh. Lift. That’s how you live.

I read this somewhere and decided that 2014 is going to about these three things. While my “fitness” routine has truly kicked in, I’m going to keep all the dumbbell sores for later and talk about love and other mush.
 A few friends of mine started a project called the Happiness Hero’s and you might see them around Bangalore holding up sweet-sayings on placards and hugging you to make your day a happy one. A hug on Valentine’s day from a complete stranger is loving, not creepy.
Also, as an attempt to get men more fashion conscious, not to mention catering to a whole bunch of my guy friends, we had the men’s must-haves post last month (read here) and this month, we kick off the issue with our favourite boy blogger, Allen. In his men’s feature, he’s going to tell you why you need Ray Ban Aviators and show you how awesome they are. What would I ever do without him? Funny story, we finally met but until we did, he was a guy I became friends with through a tweet we were both tagged on by Wooplr. For those of you who don’t know what to buy for your better half this Valentine’s day or where to get the best post- romantic-dinner crème brulee, you should probably try out and have the people who know it all, show you the ropes. Getting dumped on V-day would suck wouldn’t it? Yep, get on wooplr, buy that wine.
We also have an outfit post, one that I saved up for a good time and there couldn’t be a better one than this. The “things I heart” is the outfit feature this month and my favourite white dress is the supporting cast. Lastly, let a “peek into my instagram” serve as a wake-up call for that selfie you forgot to update. I mean, how could you? Your followers need to see what you look like every 5 days!! The abomination!
So much of love happening all around and so much of it still left to give via curses and strangulation J
That’s what Valentine’s is supposed to be about right? Ok, who gave me the wrong brief?
Xoxo (only cuz I louuuu you a little)
Take A Bow
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