Paint the town white

There are some things I love more than others. There is this dress, over the rest, that I prefer. When white stands for pristine perfection, why would you want to paint the town any other colour?

Style is an expression of what a person is on the inside and colours are an extension of feelings. If you cannot love yourself just the way you are, you cannot be stylish. This is who I am and here’s some stuff I love. The rest is a secret kept safe with a sword brandishing, dreadlock sporting hermit in the Himalayas.

The peace and serenity when I’m under water in a pool and there’s a drizzle above
A plate of biriyani on an empty stomach and a degree coffee to top it off

Clothes and shoes but mostly a statement ring
See through soaps and pretty packaging

The self-pitiful expression on my dogs face after a bath
The sound of an air force jet with the sound and trail aftermath

Coconut oil, in food, on hair, in my hand wash
The chivalry behind being brushed onto the inner side of the road while walking, to make me blush

Catching up everyday with friends and the string of poor jokes cracked on each one’s foibles
The drunken “I wuv u” texts and the next day “sorry that was for someone else” mumbles

Waking up to a cup of tea accompanied with butter and guilt laden cookies
My dad’s British humour and stifling my pride at outsmarting him once in a year like a rookie

Owning excessive pads of post-its and pens in every colour only to hallmark absolutely no use for either
Pandering to serving bread pudding of the badly made kind, like a cap in my feather 

The harsh Sun on my face and the look of bewilderment when one side has tanned darker than the other
Aviators, the ones I whack from my dad, “where could I have left them”, he ponders

The sound of a cat purring on my lap, totally content
Boots, every imaginable pair that one could ever invent

A teddy bear printed night shirt bought in class 3 and the reverence with which it’s still worn
Scouring magazines and chopping them up to paste on my walls to make it my own  

The jelly candy when I’m low, the Valentine’s day flowers each year, 
someone next door in case of emotional emergencies and having friends that are immensely dear

My mum in a Saree and my dad suited up, makes me look at him all uncanny 
My aunt’s crisp butter pancakes and the rare laugh from my granny

Crying buckets during a rom-com unconcerned about the glances from people around
Keeping Take A Bow going even when it felt like it would burn to the ground.

These are a few of my favourite things
This year I’m loving whites a tad more than pinks.

Dress: Created by Pooja, Shoes: Zara, Flower Clip and Belt: Pieces at Vero Moda, Slingbag: Nyciti, Faux Pearl Bracelet and Earrings: Splash

Photo Credits: James Kiran Joel

It’s the day of mush. The day when everyone giggles at the flower delivery and makes hush-hush calls at office. Each year on Valentine’s day, I do something that I love and I meet the people that I love. From something small like eating at the cheap and smelly college-days bar to watching my favourite rom-com. I do that because it’s extremely important to know yourself and love that, with all the flaws in 90% attendance. As a person, I find flaws in almost everything I do, some of which I’m stupendously proud of because they make me who I am. For instance, I wouldn’t be my usual humourously whiny self without the tummy tyre I had to tuck into this oufit.

Which brings me to this white dress. I loved it ever since I first sketched it on paper and saw it coming to life after my mum bought me this Chikankari chiffon material from Lucknow. I knew I had to make this dress out of it and after months of idling around, I finally got it made. It was brought into this world a while back but I never had the heart to wear it until now, for my biggest fear is to spoil my whites.
While I wear a lot of colour and prints, my all-time favourites have been black, white and blue. For the past year or two, I’ve been consciously staying away from these monotones for having over-done them earlier and have blinded quite a few people, very successfully might I add. Having imbibed catching hold of colour on any shopping spree, shifting back to tonals and monochromes seemed like a challenge after the huge break but I’m at a very reclusive and busy phase in life and somehow I find myself snatching up whites and blacks all over again. It’s not a personality change, I’m quite happy and bubbly even now but a bit more pleased with everything. White reflects a comfortable and peaceful state of mind and looks great on anyone. It’s also the one colour that stands out in a sea of graphics, neons and floral prints and the obvious RED, making it perfect for Valentine’s day. Moreover, why would you want to wear Santa’s costume colours on Valentines? Reminding your date of whether he’s been a good boy isn’t nearly quite as exciting eh?

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Leave the flowers in the garden, they look nicer there. 
Keep the chocolates away, they make us fat and hyper

Take A Bow

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