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I think I’m still a bit hazy from being too tired from the work trip, I almost mistook my bike to be an Airbus 380 but I like to tell myself that there are readers waiting for my monthly letter. It helps me sleep at night. What it does NOT do though is help me drive better, I got abused by atleast 5 people for not moving at the green light while typing this in the car, lest the sleep conquer over the ideas for the letter. See? I’m even rambling more than usual. Excuse the me.
It’s officially time to open our arms wide and embrace summers, my favourite season of the year. I like the rains too but not when they soak me in their wrath everyday and ruin every plan ever to be made.
I love sunlight and I’m totally going to bask in it before it’s time to get drenched. Last month was Cucking frazy. Yep, I watched hasee toh phase a few times, my unconditional love for Sidharth Malhotra kept dragging me to the theatre with different sets of people, luckily it’s a good movie so I didn’t have consequences to deal with later. I also went to Goa for a work trip, we had a campaign to be shot there and while a working vacation in Goa sounds awesome, no one could prepare us for the grilling we would get. I didn’t even know I was capable of working 20 hours each day for a week with an hour off for dinner. It even turns out, I didn’t know I could stand throughout that time and that red bull would be a better wake up drink than coffee during such a time. But that’s what the fun part is, finding out how far you can go and how much you are capable of doing. I also brought back a sexy tan as a gift from Goa and I intend to flaunt it all through the summer J
Which brings me to this month’s line-up on takeabow. We start the month with a cover boy, Akshit who happens to carry off even the simplest clothes with ease and a certain sense of naturalness which can only come from being yourself. A cap and denims has been his signature style ever since I can remember meeting him for the first time and it made perfect sense to shoot him in his avatar. Read an interview with him on the life of a model and what we misjudge.
The travel issue, as I call it to make it ten times cooler, is a series of my outfits in Goa. Outfits that were not made for the beach but could be played with to be worn on one, paunch show and breezy fabric, all in tact. What I love about Goa is that no one cares about what you look like, what you wear, how you wear it and how curvy or not you are. I for one wish I had a few more to look more beyonce-like, it would’ve gone well with the tan but it’s cool, it’s always nice to want more and eat lots of Vindaloo. My mouth still waters reminiscing about those yummy lunches and dessert thalis that made for 50 percent of our diets there. I shot in between lunch breaks, bathroom breaks (excuse the expressions in case I was holding up) and while taking trips to the room to pull out ensembles for the models. Hectic, but so worth it. What I realise now is that I’m a bit partial to blue on the beach, making my outfits look like shades of the sea. Enjoy the issue, maybe you’ll want to take a trip to Goa after this. If you do, check out La cabana, the resort is sex on the beach.
Take A Bow
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