Character in colour

Sprinkles of red, blue and green on the hot jagged tar. Blotches of red, blue and green to camouflage the tint of paan. Faces in red, blue and green to make us all look like one. Atleast for once. 

It’s Holi and while the rest of the country is busy being egg-throwing ogres with smiles on their faces, I’m sitting in pajamas with chopped watermelons and my dog for company. I actually love Holi but as it turns out, I’m always working on Holi so the excitement of the festival has gone away. I have had my fair share of permanent colour to last me a month and had goo shoved into my nose while trying to get out of a gutter so I know the feeling. This time though, I’m reminiscing colour of another kind.
The colours of Goa. It’s beautiful architecture, the sleepy silence of it’s residences on a lazy sunday afternoon, the one sided glance of the dog on the porch and the odd Anglo-Indian Aunty peering over the balcony at reflector and strobe carrying aliens in short clothes.
The streets of Goa are peaceful and you feel that no one cares. But in this part of town, it’s a whole different story. The streets are peaceful yes, but people care. They keep an eye on you and will jump at the chance to report you to the cops. They cannot be blamed. Having being disturbed by innumerable movie crews and ad makers, Panjim has seen it all. From Shahrukh Khan shooting for Josh to the “whoareyou’s” like us, everyone tries to throng on the streets for campaigns. But who can blame us either? It’s the most beautiful colony of buildings I’ve come across. Each with it’s own colour, each with it’s own story to tell, each of a character.
Devesh Pant: The photographer
Another Day, Another Outfit
Pause Shoot to Take Pictures
The Models
On a break

Post Outfit: Floral Pencil Skirt:, Tee worn Knotted: Splash, Bag: Fashionara, Wayfarers: Myntra, Flats: GoBahamas, 


Have a super colourful Holi,


Take A Bow
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