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Summers are headbanging their way into our lives and it’s pretty much the perfect time to pull out all the skirts and wear them to death. This particular skirt however, refuses to die. Bought when I was in the eighth grade, it’s just changed face from being a low-waist one to being worn higher up. But it still fits well and hasn’t faded which speaks volumes of it’s quality, considering it’s made in soft denim with a floral print all over.  The cardigan is a newer addition, something I bought recently during the light winters we witnessed in Bangalore this year. A cable knit, this lets air in but the polyester-acrylic blend keeps you warm enough for indoors.

This post was shot during one of my work shoots at Puma Social Club. From then till now, Puma has been a regular watering hole and a great one at that. The staff is extremely friendly, the place is huge enough to never be completely jam-packed and the best part, they don’t mind you dancing drunk at all. With a modest sized menu, it has great food for the choices, almost anything you pick is worth the wait and bucks spent. Across two days of our shoot, we managed to get an itsy-bitsy taste of quite a few dishes but here are the one’s I remember and totally recommend:
1. The coconut chicken soup, made in a thai style, it’s light and full of flavours. Soft chunks of chicken over a coconut base, this soup isn’t clear but isn’t heavy either and is served in a mug with two portions of garlic bread, just like your granny would make. Do check out the lemony leaves at the bottom that bring in a whiff of summer fresh and take you right to the coast of Phuket.
2. The glass noodle shrimp salad, this one is for those who love spicy food. A cold salad, this is light and the glass noodles catch the sunlight and reflect it to create a visual treat too. Raw mangoes and spicy garlic dressing adds to this healthy dish but if you cannot eat spicy food, please steer clear of this one.
3. The Chicken Satay Starter, with a peanut sauce accompaniment is quite a tasty mouthful. Grilled to perfection, it’s soft, juicy and has just the right amount of flavours.
4. Mushroom Caps, the only vegetarian dish I don’t mind giving up chicken for, this is stuffed with cheese and has a divine sauce that you will continue to lick off the glass far after the mushrooms have been devoured. Though I have had yummier mushroom caps elsewhere, these are totally worth a bite or two. The serving size is a bit small so order more if you’re heading out in a crowd.
5. The get fresh, this comes in a mocktail as well as cocktail but I liked the non-alcoholic choice better. For one, it comes in a big glass and has the cucumber pulp in-tact, which they remove in the cocktail. Made with squashed, fresh cucumber, litchi juice, mint leaves and lots of ice, this is the perfect pick this summer. You’ll slurp it right up and feel chilled out and ready to take on the heat.
6. Touchings, this item sadly is off the menu but should they ever reintroduce it, you just gotta have it, be warned, it’s quite a cracker. A plate full of bowls, each holding a different meat pickle served with garlic bread, this is the perfect replacement for those bowls of peanuts with onions, a chaser for your drink. It as good as marrying the alcohol with the food to blast your taste-buds away while the chillies make you cry. A form of torture of you may because even though it kills you, you just cannot stop eating it.

Apart from the food, the general ambiance is young and fresh, with lots of plants lined up on the walls and three floors (one indoors and two open terraces), they have enough to entertain you. A large screen for live matches, Snooker, Foosball and mini Table Tennis make this place a great entertainment sports club. With seating all around the bar and couches on the top floor, there’s something for every whim and fancy. A DJ plays sets during the weekends with retro on Thursday and house music on Fridays and Saturdays and a good crowd to keep you company.

A few things that are sure to catch your eye, for one, the ashtrays are made out of recycled VCRs and little scrabble pieces create a reservation board on the tables. Empty rum bottles lined up against a wall add a persona to the game room while an old snooker table acts as a work of art with vintage typewriters, motherboards, harmoniums, binoculars, the first edition of nokia cell phones and many other scrap pieces of technology. Do take the stairs while heading out, there’s some fun stuff and instagram worthy moments you’ll find there too.
I like this club because it checks off great food, great service, a decent crowd and a conscience.

Skirt: Globus, Cardigan: Splash, Sneakers: Puma, Gold Neckpiece: Fashionandyou, Spectacle Neckpiece: Accessorize

Photos by Devesh Pant
Hair by Raji Rajni

Puma Social Club is in Bangalore, on 100 feet road, Indranagar and requires prior reservations especially on the weekends. This review was done anonymously during a work visit to the club and all the food etc was entirely paid for.

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