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Blue is the colour of the sky and the sea, blue is a colour my eye fancies, blue was the colour of the walls and my outfit, yet why did I feel blue at Ruh?

Cropped tops are the biggest rage right now and everywhere I look, someone’s wearing one. It makes me happy to women embracing slightly sensual clothing and wearing them to suit their style. Whether skinny, curvy or voluptuous, a cropped top is a piece of clothing that can be an extremely versatile upper garment. It’s no wonder then, half the clothes stores, whether online or offline, stock enough and more of this style. I, personally am loving them right now. From being more on the shy and conservative side in my dressing, to trying to wear a cropped top with almost everything, it’s been quite a transition. Hell I even got some boring formal-wear, corporate-ish shirts chopped up a few notches. Recycling at it’s best.

So here’s a 101 on wearing cropped tops, from where you can buy them to how you can wear them. 
1. These tops can be a bit tricky for someone with a heavy top so try getting your’s in a slightly deeper cut neckline and go easy on the print. Demure conversational prints are much better than slogan ones. The last thing you wanna do is get one that says ‘woah!’ or ‘that’s right’ across those beauties. Or better yet, chop up an old shirt upto the fourth button and wear it (preferably with the top two buttons open, three if you’re gutsy, you go girl) with a nice neckpiece so the attention goes there instead.
2.   For women with a belly or even half a cycle tyre towards the lower tummy, these can go drastically wrong or make your body look slimmer, depending on how you wear them, my suggestion, don’t get a fitted cropped top, the baggier ones will suit you more. For one, pair them with a high waist lower, like a maxi skirt, a flared midi skirt or high waist trousers. The lower garment needs to be vintage-inspired, that is, placed at least an inch above your belly button. Wear a slim belt on your waist to accentuate the slimmest part of your problem area. Also, try layering the outfit with a waist-coat that is cut upto your belly button or with a printed shirt.
3.  Hip-heavy ladies, you really don’t have much to worry about. Your slim upper body is a perfect frame for spaghetti strap cropped tops, lace bralets and tube silhouettes. Try an A-line skirt or high-waist wide leg trousers with the cropped top. Throw on a light blazer to balance out your upper and lower half.
Cropped tops are pretty much available everywhere but here’s my recommendation of where you should get them
1.       Forever21: We don’t have one in Bangalore yet, but I managed to raid one recently and they have a good 25 varieties of cropped tops. From lace bralets, to sporty ivy-league printed to florals. Be smart though, don’t go crazy buying all, word of advice from someone who’s been there, done that, regretted it.
2. They have a nice selection too and the best part is, you get to see online how you could pair them, each with vastly varied styling.
3.       Splash and Zara: Both the stores have a fair collection of cropped tops, each in their signature styles which hopefully will be added on to by now.
4. They have a small collection but it includes baggier ones and asymmetrical ones for the heavier bodies. Brands like femella, kook’n’keech are the ones to search for.
I shot this post under some very dire circumstances, with a high fever, extreme weakness and only fifteen minutes before my work shoot started. We shot at a restaurant called Ruh, which in Arabic means spirit and honestly, I almost felt one might pop out from behind all the shadiness they call interiors. It’s weird that a place could have very nice food and yet have everything else going against it. We loved the lunch there, from the skewers to the grilled chicken in orange sauce, all was good except for the ambience. At first, stepping in felt like I’d just gone into a Turkish movie set, quite nice I thought. Then I walked into the second seating, one room away and went meh. The third room almost had me pulling out my sanitizer for fear of contracting STD bacteria. Almost as if the design started off well and then some local pot, grown with chemical fertilizer, was consumed during work hours. From pretty yellow and turquoise walls and minimalistic fittings, it turned into eye-gouging multi-coloured seating with a hundred cheaply embossed mirrors all around, one’s that even chandni bar wouldn’t have. And then, lo and behold, Chandni Bar itself, right in front of me, complete with red tinted doors, ten rupees per metre worth of jacquard on the walls and an eerie swing that looked like it had a congregation of ghosts on it, watching my every move. Add to that one bag of dust per square ft and poor hospitality and you almost feel sorry for the talent of the chefs going to waste.
Huge space, good food and poor execution, quite apt then, that I wore blue and could hardly manage a smile.
Pencil skirt, cropped top and earrings:, Heels: Charles n Keith, Ring: Forevernew

Photos by: Sindhur Reddy a.k.a Anna
*This review entirely recommends the food at the restaurant but not the ambience. Get a take out if you must. The review was done anonymously and all meals were paid for, albeit ungraciously.
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