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Suffering from a gollywog syndrome? Feeling that it’s too hot to exist unless you’re a cockroach? Have more bad hair days than days in the week? Happy and carefree with all these existential crises? You and I will get along just fine.

 That’s the thing with people who love fashion (fashionista is what what they’re called the last I checked, ista, pista bloody batista. No one calls a music lover a musicista or a painter paintista), as long as they’re wearing something nice, everything in the world is A-Ok. Then again, our definitions of nice might differ from the usual and it’s best if you don’t ask us, “how do I look?” or “is this outfit fine?” The thing is, we have an opinion on everything, from your hairline to the Rupa banyaan logo that’s visible through your crisp white Zara shirt and our criticisms can make Arnab Goswami look like a feather that plays the violin.
Something as simple as a maxi can be radically well worn yet something as safe as a black tee and denims can look like ape poo. Either get really good at reading our expressions or get a mirror, take a picture of yourself and look at it. If it makes you hit on yourself, then you’re fine. If not, play it up with a layer, an accessory, anything. If it makes you barf, borrow my gun and let’s, together have target practice in your wardrobe.
 Jumpsuit: Closet Conquered, Slippers: Goa midnight market, Hairpin: Accessorize, Waist-belt: Pieces at Vero Moda, also available at forevernew, bag:
On my lips: Pow1 by maybelline, hyper curl mascara by maybelline

First Picture in the post by: Syed Zubair
Remaining images by: Devesh Pant
Hair by Rajni
The kind people over at closet conquered sent me this jumpsuit for an outfit post and it was the perfect summer gift. Bright and light, it’s got sass and I had to go from crass to class with it. My colleague and make-up artist managed to grab me over lunch and straighten my hair, “this looks better” she said. By better I think she meant human which worked for me because I felt like a Garnier shampoo advertisement for the whole day. 
The lime colour on the jumpsuit, while suits my skin, is something I would totally recommend to a duskier complexion. The contrasts in colour would be such a stunning visual that the style just cannot go wrong. The jumpsuit has an elastic waist which I wanted to nip-in with a belt and it’s bohemian vibe found the perfect harmony with my Goa-thrifted slippers. While I pouted and swished my hair at the camera, a coconut almost fell on my head and the vegetable vendor didn’t even stifle his snigger. But I had straight hair and I conquered my closet. I guess I won’t hit reality unless a coconut does actually make it to my head.
Take A Bow
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