Faking It

Someone smart once said that to bend the rules, you need to know them first and to break the rules, you need to bend them first. That someone was talking to me through a mirror.


I’m a list-maker of rules, the kinds who always has a pen and paper on her person and to-do notes all over her phone. A false believer that I will follow them and a self-advisor on why I need them. Just like that, if there’s something I feel I shouldn’t do, whether questionable or not, I won’t do it.
There are a certain number of fashion rules that each individual has. Ranging from, “if I saw it or thought about it first, it’s mine” to  “till it bursts into flames or is run over by a cement truck, it’s as good as new.”
While I might do a double flip on seeing the shiny pair of patent leather court shoes, I won’t ever buy them. Animal products are a strict no-no purchase and honestly I don’t mind compromising on the quality instead of wearing what was someone else’s skin as a coat. I wish I had the same rules about my food but maybe I’ll get there someday.
Which brings me to a funny incident, series rather since they’ve happened more than once..
“Is this leather”, I ask the store help
“Why, of course Ma’am, crafted in Italy this comes from lambskin while the handles are made of pure ivory from the Asian elephant”, rambles the manager and all ten of the store helps in an attempt to make a great sale.
Thanks, I don’t wear leather, now where is the fakes section?”
That expression, of all ten, is worth a candid-cam capture.

 This particular bomber jacket, like all my leather-looking products, is made of PU, which is like leather’s adopted sibling, one that won’t be cursed till he turns into a mass murderer. Fit for a peta-poster, I’ve paired it here with a pair of Zara Drawstring peg trousers which are a unisex trend and a welcome relief from all the denims doing the rounds.
You know what else is in trend this season and every other since the commencement of womanhood? Faking it.
Riding the bullet though, was not faking. My friends were kind enough to trust me with the keys and allow me to ride this classic 350. I’ve learnt how to ride a bike but a bullet I thought was a whole different ball game, one that could possible end with me under the bike and very awkward. Luckily, none of that happened and I rode it quite a distance, then got greedy and gutsy and even rode with my friend behind me. 
I rode all over the rule of women not being able to ride a bike with a colgate ad-worthy smile.
The only thing I had to say after the ride was, “Break a rule worth telling your grand-kids about.”
Photos by Sindhur Reddy
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Be a conscious consumer, say no to animal products or just say no to see the store manager’s expressions.
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