Die Trying

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What do you mean you don’t have time to work out? You’re reading this post aren’t you? You did spend an hour on facebook, instagram and twitter combined too didn’t you? 

The most common misconception is that skinny people are fit. “You’re thin yo, why do yo need to workout?” Let me tell you why. Because after climbing three flights of stairs I always look behind to see if my lungs are lying on the first floor step. Because I would choose to get bitten by a wild dog anyday, knowing that even an attempt to run, would get me bitten nevertheless and i’ll also be too tired to get my bitten butt to a doctor. Because after years of playing sports, not being fit is almost a shame to my childhood. Because a health check-up a few years back showed my body fat at abnormal levels even though my frame remained skinny. But mostly, mostly because I want abs. I can even settle for a flat tummy, as long as there’s no concaveness happening around my middle, I’ll settle. While choice dressing and the skinny gene have been on my side for a long time, it’s time to stop cheating.
I took to working out a bit everyday in the morning, the whole gym deal is something I started only after a good 8 months of light home exercising. I would still any day go back to playing a sport instead of being at a gym but something is better than nothing right.
The good thing, I may not need CPR after a long day of work anymore and I’ve also sent the stand-by ambulance back to where it came from.


 Leggings and Knit top: Zara, Wedge Booties by Koovs, Star Print tube by Vero Moda, Earrings by Splash

Feeling a bit more confident about my body now lets me wear silhouettes that I would stay away from earlier. A fitted high-waist, cropped tops, capped sleeves and body-cons were a strict no-no.
I recently went to Zara and saw these clothes, feeling a bit apprehensive, I tried them nonetheless, knowing that the MRF tyre will only melt with time and make them fit better. A loose crop top like this one can be worn over a formal shirt for fuller figures. If you’re of the luckier lot and your problem areas do not include a bulging belly, these leggings are a great pick. They literally suck in your flab and hold everything together. You could also wear these with a longer sheer top or with a tucked in blouse and brogues.
Photos by Shreejith Photographia
This is just the first step, the rest of the flight gets easier.
Take A Bow     
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