final cover june
 I’m Not weird. I’m limited edition.

Ok, maybe a little weird sometimes. Fine, all the time. But being weird is actually being eccentric and it’s like the cardamom piece in Biriyani. Hated by most but essential for the flavour.
So my eccentricity took over my life this past month and in between fanning myself with magazines and finding my sanity lying in a corner, I was a zoned out wreck. For some reason a bad mood accompanied me where ever I went and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why. Does this happen to you guys too? Please say yes and make me look normal. Normalcy to me is, impromptu dance jiggles to the latest bollywood item number, a dessert stop in the middle of the afternoon or conversations with myself out loud rather than in my head. Which brings me to this month’s cover, a delightful mint sorbet pant-suit from Van Heusen is our feature this month. The colour instantly uplifted my mood and made me think of coconut bras and striped hats in the sand. The colour is a refreshment in the summer and I would pick it up it any day over a chilled mojito. This month also features an assortment of blues and greens that fight the sun like vegetable fight fat. We also have a special mini post but big on the utility, it’s by the experts at Surf Excel and will help you guys take care of your pretties and nitties better.

Live life like it’s limited edition.
Take A Bow

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