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Enamor 2
Those old, ragamuffin, boring butt-of-the-joke bras.
Take a cue from the 1960’s but burn them for want of more stylish, comfortable and supportive inner bits.

I was asked to review Enamor’s new collection of lingerie, I call them lingerie, not inner-wear because these sets are truly sexy and deserve more respect for all the “support”. I picked out one in a dusty pink because I’m still a gushy girl “inside”. This particular set fits me like a glove without “room” for peepers. I could go on with the subtly put expletives but the review must go on. The set is meant for casual, comfort wear, with an under-wiring but non-padded, making them quite apt for the summers. The nicest part though is the fabric.Sheen combined with silken makes it the prettiest piece while subtle lace embellishments are what keep you happy, in an all-knowing manner. Do check out their collection and while you’re at it, also check out a few of my ideas on what a bra should be. The nude one from Enamor especially is a life “savour”. Ok, I will stop now before my blog joins the ranks of Koffee With Karan and gets banned on daily entertainment time.















Here’s a few things you need to keep in mind about inner wear and their direct relation with what’s on top.

1. The white bra: While touted as an essential, it’s a piece you can totally do without inside a white shirt. Opt for a nude bra instead, for gone are the days when you needed a white silhouette inside the shirt to prove you’re wearing one. No one cares anymore and the less they see, the more intriguing becomes your outfit.

2. Straps: Replace boring fat straps with lace or sequinned ones, maybe not for daily wear but at least for a night out, the guys love to see a teaser of what may lay ahead.

3. Push-ups: Please please do not go overboard on these, while the right size and fit makes you look sultry, ill-fit ones turn you into a seductress of the chandni bar sort. Make sure the bra stays in place even when you bend or push out your arms in front of you, if the strappy part falls in front, then you’re faking your size, just so you know, the saggy straps show though anything you wear.

4. The low cut- every girl needs one of these, get one in a black lace or a nude one, even better if it’s a transparent back. Enamor has the perfect nude bra with a transparent strap at the back and a low-lying neckline. Goes with any outfit.

5. Prints: Please play with them, they spice up your outfit with a little peeper and can strategically b worn to show through an arm-hole or an off shoulder.

Take A Bow in the right size

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