Florid Flowerchild.

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Ever run solely on coffee, will power and manic adrenalin? Yes well it’s not fun but it is the most fun you’ll ever have.


The last few weeks have been crazy hectic at work so I had to take a week off from blogging, I too only have 24 hours a day but at the rate I’m going, I could do with 20 more.
June has, by far, been like a bride’s wedding week, screwed up but with a smile left behind, too many checklists but with little graffiti and imaginary music all around and before I knew it, I had finished running from one place to another, one thing to another and thoroughly enjoyed myself, like a ragamuffin caught in a rain shower.
We’ve been shooting non-stop for two weeks and with the energy of my entire crew, our little goof ups, our cheesy one-liners, our wise-cracks, our standing-against-a-pillar power naps, it’s been worth all the exhaustion. There are a few highlights though that I don’t think I can get over ever, I’m going to be one of those people who creepily hangs onto memories that others might forget and remind them just to be introduced to clueless faces after a few weeks.
Sometimes and you will never know when, things happen for a reason. You may never find out that reason either, but if it’s meant to be it will be. Things are happening, I can feel it but until they do, I’ll save you from the regular philosophical stuff, read The Alchemist if you want some, come back to me later with a happier requirement and I will get production to handle it.
Meanwhile, take a look at this post I shot with my “anna”, Sindhur over one of the less busy weekends. This was a very simple outfit, shot to look like that. Simple. Flowerchild. Carefree. Freespirited. Poorly poetic. Deviously Dreamy. My state of mind.

Gilet: Asos.com, Peplum Top: Zara, Pencil Skirt: koovs.com (part of a set), Shoes: Forevere21, Ring: Street store in Mumbai, Earrings: Splash


Photos by Sindhur Reddy
Take A Bow


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