Lure In Love.

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I didn’t go fishing but I did lure in love.
LOVE. It’s what underwater is to me. BREATHE better than ever in a normal world. SEE things that have been obscure. FEEL every moment pass by. PEACE like none other in the world. ENERGY of the rays catching ripples. THOUGHT of the happiest kind. KARMA to have deserved time underneath. GRATITUDE for having that time to give.

I get sentimental when it comes to swimming and it’s always been my first love, taken over time by a few others but a school crush does always get it’s very own soft corner.
Two days of being in a swimming pool during a shoot turned me into a very burnt sponge, soaked with hearts, sunshine and sighs. It was a concept I wanted to do for a long time but never really though anyone would buy it considering there are safer and more commercial things to shoot but the universe has it’s own way of handing over your deep desires to you on a platter.
The two days spent scuttling like a prawn on the on the floor underwater, splashing over the surface like a toad and getting creatively crazy are all I needed to feel content with work. Maybe this love transcends to another time that I know nothing of, but it reflects in my wardrobe choices as well.

Shirt: Van Heusen (cropped at a local tailor), Skirt and neckpiece: Forever21, Rings:, Hairband: Local street shopping, Brown sandals: Forever21, Neon Wedges: 
On my face: The Body Shop tea tree lotion, Maybelline Coloured Liner, Lakme 9 to 5 lipstick in toffee nexus

Blue and green, the colours of the water and hills are my happy holiday colours. I do love my blacks, whites and pastels just as much but each has their own relation. Forgetting about the latter for a while, this edition of the magazine talks about the first two and this post deemed fit for the outfit I wore. For when we shot underwater, we did with maxi lengths, flowy garments and carefree hair, just like I carry myself.

In this outfit, I’ve worn the maxi and shirt in two different ways, one like anyone else would and one with the maxi worn as a tube dress over the shirt. You see, I go cuckoo sometimes, that’s when the style follows suit.I had initially thought of sharing a few images from the underwater shoot but then again, I might as well make a post out of it right. Besides I now have a better swimsuit that deserves to be shot, underwater.

Photos by : Sindhur Reddy

Take A Bow
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