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Sports Lux: The form of dressing where you can incorporate sporting or athletic gear into your ensemble. 

Lending a few sporty elements into regular dressing, this trend is whay you can justify wearing a pair of nike high-tops with your tulle skirt.
A trend that today has seeped into boardrooms, colleges, sometimes the diwali puja at the neighborhood temple. I did see that lady wearing sneakers under a saree. 

Reasons left aside because my cousins read my blog, I once wore a boy’s shirt and it was the most comfortable piece of fabric to have draped my back. I felt the abundance of arm movement and a slight slouch of comfort setting in. The air too made it’s way in like a natural blow drier on cool mode.

Being the tom-boy that I am (those who say boy will be fist pumped in the face) this trend is like second nature to my dressing, more than lacy lingerie or sky-high stilettos. 

Yes, I admit it, I can drool more over classic brogues than over a pair of pointed peep-toes. My dresses feel a lot safer cuddled inside a large blazer that loves them back while fitted halter tops frolic hold hands with hips much better under the secrecy of boyfriend denims. A pencil dress unabashedly leches at the bomber jacket and the baseball caps wink at the wedges. 

I dare not keep these couples apart, for together, they make statements, trends, sharp dressing, shut out the lights and they might make babies. Little blasses, haltfriends, penbers and ballweds. Ballweds would totally be bullied in the closet and grow up to be a serial killer. Go on, play cupid, your frills and fancies need some fight club.

Welcome to the luxesport issue, to a world where tinkerbell wears high tops, where Cinderella left behind a boot, to mascara primed with machismo. 

Take A Bow

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