An essential kind of high

Life’s too short to do boring things, to have a boring job, to meet boring people, life’s too short to wear boring clothes. 

Isn’t there something you absolutely love? Something that makes you look forward to the next day and the day after that? Something that from the first time you tried it, you said to yourself, I gotta do this for a long, long time. Something that doesn’t weigh down on you every Monday, that’s not a burden. Well I’m a lucky strike then, I have two such things and both I get to do on a daily basis, it is my job but on most days it doesn’t feel as heavy as it sounds. Those two things are not spirits and shopping, those come under needs, not loves.

I love shooting. The first time I ever stepped on a shoot set, post a round of bluffing through and bunking my actual job, I was surrounded by flashlights, people, the hustle and bustle of production and I remember telling myself with an almost maniacal mannerism (and whoever else would spare an hour to hear me out) that day, “ this is what I want to do for the rest of my life”.
I also love blogging and the first post I ever put up, amidst multiple arguments and the use of a shoddy tablet camera handled by my tech-illiterate father, I remember telling myself, “ This is the first thing I’ve started on my own and I don’t think I should ever stop, even if for the sake of proving my laziness and ability to get bored soon, wrong.” It was an intuition back then, one that’s long gone but I still choose to follow my gut.


Dress: Zara, Boots: Forever21, Sunglasses: forevernew, Cap: Splashfashions, Bracelets: lifestyle, forever21 and street shopping, Earring: Zara
On my face: Lakme CC cream, Maybelline hyper curl waterproof mascara, Inglot Lipstick number 423 

These two talks to myself were the best decisions of my quarter-lived life. They took me to a place beyond what my expectations with my useless self were, not yet to the famous clubs on the Nevada strip, but to a place of gratitude and love for work. I’m not one of those boring workaholics that don’t have a minute to spare to go to the loo but yes, I am indeed one of those workaholics who out of choice won’t spare a minute to go to the loo lest I miss the process of getting a great image and what goes behind it. As you can see, it’s a great place to be, a bad place if you need to really pee.
This post was shot on a Sunday, for no requirement, for no monetary benefit but for the love of shooting, styling and creating stories. It was planned out for a friend of mine and we shot at a construction site which another friend gave out to me (these builders have more vacant sites than the times Miley Cyrus has twerked in our faces recently). In between my friend’s changes, I did a couple of shots for the blog, you see my work and blog are in an open relationship with me and fully supportive of each other, while one is a steady husband who gives me the moolah, the other is a weekend getaway, it’s a three-way, a win-win, a louve triangle.
I hope you guys enjoy the post as much as I did shooting it, I hope you guys enjoy what you do for a living, as much as I enjoy being stuck in the middle of this fashion world mayhem.
Photos by Sindhur Reddy
Take A Bow
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