August final resized

Keeping with the theme this month, I really Don’t know what to write.
Well, frankly, this issue is indecisive for many reasons, some which are to follow and some which I cannot tell you because well, I do have a private life too, celebrity ishtyle.
Indecisive because I had a not-to-be-changed, made-up mind earlier, complete with a letter to you folks, to go slow on the number of posts this month and restrict it to one because August is going to be one crazy schedule. But then my fickle mind went on a tangent, I saved the word doc for another time when I really have no choice and went with my gut, hoping to be able to give you’ll as many posts as possible even if not every Monday.
Secondly, I’ve been a bit under the weather and been a bit high and dazed on medication which makes me talk to myself a lot more. Now, talking to myself doesn’t help when there is a blog to cater to and some the thoughts that were are such: It’s safe to say hat my nose can presently win a 100 meter running competition against Milkha Singh. My grandmother and I should have gin and cough tonic drinks every night.
So you see, I thought I could not possibly write when I think these things. I could, but then you’d all be grossed out and follow some other chic, miss two-good shoes with a wine-in-the-hand kind of blogger.
Thirdly, the Sun and the rain seem to be having a raging affair, what with the sun ‘coming’ out followed by the rain, repeatedly. So my ‘what to wear’ question each morning has subliminally turned into ‘what the fuck to wear’. As it turns out, the colour of this season is orchid and shades of purple. 10 points to this cover.

This month, I’m breaking a bit away from the Monday post routine, primarily to facilitate a feature for Independence Day which is mid-week. Also, the outfits this month are quite unrelated to each other, the only thing they have in common is the use of one additional layer of clothing, which after my Goa open shirt escapade, feels like winter-wear.

Cover photo by: James Kiran Joel
Flower arrangement by Keerthi Kumar
Moral support and bag holder: Hari Shankar


Sipping on my gin and cough tonic,
Take A Bow

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