Walk with me where it rains.

sitting res

I knew of a boy, he walked far along the way

to find his bit of bliss.
It lay in watching the world, 
it’s people and the bay.
He but must be really swell, I miss him sure I do,
while I imagine the smile on his face with ever sight that’s new.
For then it sinks into my mind, 
a free bird has to fly,
there’s still something left to be seen,
something unknown, untouched that he’s yet to find.

Top: Koovs.com, jacket: shopnineteen.com, Jeans: Voi denims (men’s section) on myntra.com, Heels: Marie Claire at Bata (super old season), Bag: Bangkok.
On my Face: Clinique City Block SPF 40, On my eyes: Maybelline Hypersharp Liner, On my lips: Inglot Lip crayon in 12

Such beautiful weather calls for beautiful thoughts and while we stepped out to shoot, amidst gushing rain attempting to crack our windshields and leave us three tones deafer than before, I missed my friend. I tend to do that, to turn into a mushball at the slightest raindrop falling on my forehead. It occurred to me, I had never dedicated a blog post to him and that made me feel like a rock inside, for this boy in question, who says some very questionable things, is my best friend, my best friend who stole part of my name. One who has said on every occasion, “take the bloody leap you pansy, either you’ll crash face-first and break your nose which isn’t much of a nose anyway, or you’ll realise you had wings all along”.
Of course, I fell and broke my nose a couple of times but the idea of having imaginary wings was more than tempting. Also, the possibility of actually sprouting wings and then learning to soar opens a jar of adrenalin in me. Kind of like on the day we shot this. We finished the shoot in about half an hour, on a day when I was feeling like the potato that rolled over into the side of the couch and was found months later, decorated with fungus. Yep, it’s raining, there has to be fungus.

Dear best friend who stole my name,
While I still take baby steps towards the cliff, I feel you sneering at me to get me going, I see you flapping your wings, waiting to accompany me, I know you’re going to go, take flight but only to come back and check on me. Just that when you do, bring me worms, the rain makes me hungry.

Photos by: James Kiran Joel

Take A Bow

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