Monkey Business, this

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Suarez loves nibbling on people, a monkey scares the living daylights out of a team of 7, fair sized, somewhat courageous people for a packet of Marie Biscuits, people are doing the boom-boom in Tipu Sultan’s fort and leave proof behind, we live in a weird world.


Awwwww look, fat Monkey, so cute”, said I, while the black-faced cuddle ball walked towards us with a smirk and an evil grin, looking less cuddly and more deadly with each swagger filled step closer. The Real life Mojo Jojo must’ve thought, “ah she likes me, let’s get some food out of the two-legged handicapped gang, some of them wear vision enhancement too, maybe they won’t even see me. I will conquer their tribe, I will eat them alive and top it up with cookies, for I Am Mojo Jojo, Mojo Jojo am I”. There was a powerpuff girl amongst us, little did he know. She sure saved the day.

 Monkeys are cute from a distance, not when they’re hungry, baring yellowed fangs that badly need a dentist visit and snarling at you while throwing away the Raisins you gave them in a plea to let you go unscathed. They especially don’t like it when they try to snatch away SOMEONE ELSE’S cover full of assorted biscuits, have it snatched back by a tiny, gutsy and equally-hungry-for-biscuits production head (now known as powerpuff girl) and instead of making a beeline for the hide-n-seek choco-chip cookies, have to make do with the back-up option of Marie Biscuits, even though we offered a better meal alternative, a south Indian variant of Halwa. Maybe the monkey was not a native of the southern lands, maybe it’s ancestors were busy snacking on the tandoori chicken in the ration caravan while some northern empire tried to conquer Tipu Sultan’s fort and forgot them behind.
Yep, funny things happen in this world, for funny stories need to be told.

Dress and boots: forevere21, faux leather bomber: splash fashions, Hat: Zara, Ring: Streetshopping
Make-up: Clinique cityblock, Lakme White kajal, Maybelline Hypercurl mascara, Maybelline 14 hour lipstick in timeless classic


Photos by Sindhur Reddy
I usually write about my thoughts, experiences and this is one incident, in hindsight that I’m kinda glad I experienced. Never in my wildest dreams and of all the things I fear, would I have been cautious of a Monkey. Yes, the above mentioned monkey attack really did happen and it had our entire shoot crew laughing about it for days, once within the safe confines of monkey-less studios (while those of a two-legged stature still roam the sets). Why I chose to post this story alongwith this shoot and post, well, we were climbing roofs and looking into my neighbours balconies and homes, hungry, aloof and with just as much vengeance as our native cousins. Posing on the rooftops, made me feel a bit like a monkey myself, hell, I even like Marie Biscuits and would’ve snatched up a packet from a group least expecting it. As long as my monkey swatting friend isn’t around.
Take A Bow
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