Collecting Thoughts

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Shiny paper, convoluted bodies lifted to the ceiling, print on print on some more print, sensual smiles, succinct conversation, quantraille women and natty men, expressions malleable, I can’t help but gawk at the zeitgeist  of the issue captured in still form.

I started reading magazines because I was told not to. With every new glossy cover of femina that my mother bought, came a piece of advice from her, see the magazine but don’t sit and read through everything. She had a point then, for women’s magazines were covered with sob stories of bad sex lives, polygamous men and pregnancy woes. My mother seemed to think that it was OK to read the magazines as long I stayed on the fashion pages and eschewed from the rest. Today, magazines to me, serve as an inspiration. To most people outside of the industry, they are frowned upon as potential time-wasters. But to someone from within, it’s watching fashion as it evolves, as it’s created and the way it is shot to be served to the masses. That’s why, each month, I dog-ear mark a few of the editorials that I love across magazines and stick them up to make a mood-board. It’s many a time that they have helped me in figuring out the poses for my models at the next shoot, in sometimes deciding hat might look different with the trousers I have worn a hundred times already, in appreciating the time and work that might have gone into clicking one picture. The magazines, month on month, serve as an inspiration, as forms of art that find a place on my wall.

Skirt and top by forever21, Belt by Forevernew, Heels by, Ring and earrings by Splash, midi rings by and black rings by forever21
On my face: Lakme CC cream, Maybelline hyper curl mascara, Maybelline 14 hour lipstick in Timeless classic 

This wall that I go to in my room, is a tiny little space, it’s now almost completely covered and has bled onto the sides as well. It’s the little spot in my room where I slouch on the floor and stare when I’m out of ideas or looking for fresh one’s for my next shoot. Which is why it has been showcased as a background for this blog post. Maybe, one day when all my walls are covered to look like a photo montage, a collision of trends and colours, I’ll do another shoot there. But until then, Im just going to stop and stare.
Photos by Sindhur Reddy
Take A Bow
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