Shape Shifter

Messy locks to slick side buns. Bohemian prints to elegant pleating. The corporate ladder to the big fat Indian Wedding. Best dressed to roadside tramp. I am a shape shifter, silly putty in my own hands. 

After a week of non existence on the blog (I still said hi to you on my fb page and made some of you get annoyed and dislike) I’m back, feeling like I’m being stretched out in every direction.
The last 2 weeks have been quite the roller coaster ride and the next month only looks like the triple loop of death. If this past week is anything to go by, I’m going to love every minute of what’s in store for me.
The past month has been, well, character play. I’ve gone from looking like a shady street dweller during shoot days to transforming into a saree adorning girl from Guzaarish, complete with red flower in hair. Of course, then I completely moved into badass biker territory and almost ran over my photographer and got my first injury too. But it’s not just me, I know so many people who can transform from being one to another, in a way that would put professor McGonnagal (of Harry Potter fame) to shame. I know someone who can transform from a bespoke designer to a singer and artist at the blink of an eye, another who was the cutest little girl I knew and now is the Captain at an Army battalion full of boys reporting to her, an architect who can make your home look like the Hilton but has belly dancing abilities imported from Persia. Shapeshifters are what I call them, for no matter who they really are, they can be anyone they are needed to be at the time. Except the kinky nurse you’re thinking of.

Trousers by, Bustier and neckpiece by Forever21, Waistcoat by Maxfashions, Heels by Marie Claire
On my Face: Lakme CC cream, Maybelline hyper curl mascara, Colourbar lipstick in orange obsession mixed with a tint of Maybelling 14 hour lipstick in Stay With Me Coral

Photos by Sindhur Reddy

Take A Bow

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