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It’s there. Right behind you. Looking through the mirror. With a knife waiting to chop you up.

I don’t watch horror movies, no not because I’m Scared. But because I have a vivid imagination that scares me. On a regular night in my room, I see the graffiti pasted on my walls take shape and the curtains forming ghouls so I’m better off without adding to the freaky fantasies. I love my sleep and a nightmare on elm street isn’t going to give me much of it.
This entire month’s shoots were shot at Tamarind Tree, a stunning place especially if you love old, rustic homes, brick walls and the feeling of an era long gone. Being a Wedding destination, we planned a shoot here and stayed here for two nights. The first was pretty peaceful but then out came the stories of ghosts at night. Ghosts or not, Tamarind Tree is where I would like to get married, it’s just so beautiful. With attics and wooden cabinets, outdoor baths and greenery, copper pots and porcelain wall hangings, it’s right out of an R.K Narayan Novel. It reminds me of the (few) tamilian houses I have seen and getting the feeling of where we come from was new to me. In all the posts hence, we have tried to show you as much of the place as possible, hope you have a great month. It’s my favourite month of the year and I can barely wait to get started.
P.S, go easy on the crackers this Diwali, for dogs, they’re as good as ghosts coming to life. They also contribute very highly to pollution which is why greenery filled places like Tamarind tree need to be built so far away.

Photo by Sindhur Reddy

Take A Bow

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