The Haunting

During the day, I don’t believe in ghosts. At night, I’m a little more open minded.

It’s behind me isn’t it? That was the constant thought I had during this shoot, hence the lack of smiles. Actually the lack of a smile can also be attributed to the severe state of exhaustion during this blog shoot. You see, I often shoot for my blog after a long day of work shoots. That way, I have convenient access to my photographer, Sindhur, I have a new location as a backdrop and I get to avoid shooting on weekends which in my dictionary falls under the work on weekends category.

So the day we closed this location for a work shoot, I packed my bags with not one outfit (for we were to stay there only for a night) but with three for the blog and one to wear during the actual work time. What I forgot to pack was a crate of redbull. I didn’t think we’d be so tired at the end of the day and that changing into outfits for the blog would drain me out. It didn’t help that the rest of my crew was chilling inside the house with spirits and loose talk. But with the horse power of a thousand, we shot each outfit within half an hour. 

The location was such that I didn’t need to do very much, just sit around within the pretty architecture for a great shot. Now this place is apparently haunted. I didn’t see any ghosts, even if I did I was probably too sleepy to realize and might’ve just wished them good night and popped back into the sheets. But some of my crew could hear the quintessential anklets ringing through the night, saw a ghost in one of the rooms and the stories went on. I’m a wuss when it comes to these things and by the end of the stories, I refused to even go pee alone. My shadow scared me and so did the prospect of having rooms so big and so sound proof, that I could have a ghost doing the tap dance on my head and no one would know. They have a lake and lots of trees and each time I looked at it, I could only see gruesome zombies step out of it, covered in weeds and lotus flowers (which were in the lake) with an army of minion frogs all out to attack. 

Needless to say, I didn’t get too much of sleep through our sojourn there which happened to be two nights. If you spot a ghost in the background, do not tell me. I want to go back to this pretty place with it’s pretty walls and it’s pretty architecture and not feel pretty scared.

Dress : Buy HERE , Heels: CharlesnKeith, Gloves: forevernew, Flower Hairclips: Vero Moda, accessorise and forevernew

On my face: Thebodyshop Sheiso Cream and Lakme CC cream, Maybelline hyper thin liner and hyper curl mascara, M.A.C lipstick in Rubywoo. Plz excuse the dark circle, I’m only human and I like to be that way.

This outfit seemed to fit right in with the location, beige and black stood out well against the grey of the rock walls and the rustic feel of the place. The dress is by Blueprint coleccion and was sent to me for a style post. The dress originally has full sleeves, which my fat arms wouldn’t get into so I had to have my mum chop them off. I want my gym money back. I really like the lower half of the dress, pleated to give a nice flare, it has jacquard weaves in a slubby texture which are beautifully juxtaposed with the sequined and embroidered bodice. The sleeves have rhombus shaped cut-outs that add to the dress and this one makes for a very elegant, vintage-esque pick. Styled mine with flowers in the hair and gloves, you can also go with a classic blazer and heels or go crazy with a crop shirt over the dress and high tops.

Photos by Sindhur Reddy
Take A Bow 
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