The Great White

You have to be a real screw up to make it look bad.

A regular shopping conundrum I deal with is that if I like some garment, I rarely care if it’s the wrong Size, the wrong time to own it or the other sex it was made for. Another problem I face is that I can swoon over a white shirt for a minimum of fifteen minutes. Any white shirt. Even someone else’s at the laundry.
This Zara shirt was at a sale at a superb deal, hence, had to be bought. Afterall, it was just 2 sizes too large for me.  I’ll figure out how to and where to wear it I thought. 2 hours later it hung off my wardrobe, ashamed to glance at me while I sat upright to face it, in an all-knowing, interrogating manner. Yes, I was judging it’s capability and like an adopted child, cursing the day I brought it home. “Where Am I ever going to wear this Extra Extra Large piece of shit”, I thought, “unless I’m waking up next to some hot shirtless guy and making a movie out of it” 

Turns out, I wear it everywhere. To office with skinnies, to a club with a skirt, to the beach with nothing. Maybe I’ll pop it on at a wedding soon too. Yes, I’m convoluted enough to do that.

 Shirt by Zara, Denims by Forever 21, Boots by, Cap by Splashfashions


Circling around the point before coming back to it, a White Shirt is a classic and can never go wrong. I’m sure there are ways in which certain people can make it repugnant, but even with that, they probably look best in it than the rest of their sartorial best.

This month, I’ve done a 2 ways to wear edition. The first being this Great White Shirt, I call it that because of it’s size, the other is the Black Culotte, both diametrically different choices, maybe I’ll do a post sometime wearing both of them together.

Photos by James Kiren Joel

Take A Bow

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