Shut The Door On Your Way Out

I don’t want to wait for the door to shut. I want to Slam it Myself. Unrefrained, Uncharacteristic, Uncouth.

I’m pissed off even though the cover image of this post disagrees, about a lot of things that I find myself not wanting to talk about, maybe that means I’m a little let down too and being the quintessential Scorpio, I will adhere to the basic rules of my star sign and pretend like I’m the single most unaffected, insouciant human that ever strutted on wedges on this planet. Like all the negative changes around me just don’t bother me. Like I left my expressions locked deep in a trunk lying on the bed of the dead sea. Phew, now it’s out.I think, each time I’m badly affected by an incident, another really positive one comes pompously down the path wearing a “Im-good-for-you” placard. It doesn’t even wait for me to find it.
The thing about my life is, no matter how bad I fall, I always stand taller than the last time I fell, a lot of it isn’t even my doing, it’s the mind-frame of letting go for whatever is next, the unaccounted help from others, supremely shoved-up-my-ass luck and the karma that comes from fairness in playing a game that is never sincerely met by the opposition.Shirt By Zara, Dress by, Brogues by Forever21, Wrist Cuff by Splashfashions, Bowtie: PN Rao

On my Face: Maybelling Hyper liner, Maybelline Hyper Curl Mascara, Maybelline Coloursensational Lipstick in POW1, Hair my own


One of the things (that I can mention here) not worth our time was the old cafe we hung out at. I know, it took me 8 years to get my frigid freight out of there but it’s really happened. No more sitting in that dingy little hole in the wall and begging for a cup of tea. Of course the memories stay persistent but it was about time we walked out for something positive, like a lively cafe with actual plants and lighting (WOAH). That’s a new beginning I’m happy with, as and when there are more I’ll be back to give you the headlines and who said whats.

Over a period of time, I’ve realised that somethings are just not worth staying put for, somethings are better left behind while you gladly walk out the door, grab the keys and take the bike out for a spin.
Over a period of time, I’ve realised that I don’t want to wait for the door to shut, I want to go all gangsta on it and slam it hard. In Yo Face MoFo.

Photos by James Kiren Joel, Shot over a period of 2 hours with the sun and clouds playing hopscotch in the background. 


Take A Bow

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