A Tale Of Two Cities

The first girl traveled the world in sneakers. The second in high heels. The first girl touched the world. The second saw it through french windows. 



It’s been 12 days of madness, now the only thing I know is I loved every minute of it. Nothing new considering I’m one of those boring people whose laptop is more of a body part than a facilitator, but in these 12 days, I kept my laptop away even though I was travelling for work and decided to look up from the screens and see the cities instead. So first, an apology is put in place for missing out on last week’s post, I’ve integrated both the looks in this one.

Travel. I grew up with it, more of it than I could handle sometimes, with me popping my head out of the army Gypsy every 20 minutes and regurgitating my breakfast, lunch and eventually dinner. Every little town my dad went to for recce or for battalion visits, I tagged along. This, in addition to moving every 2 years, changing schools and my entire life until it was time to call the trucks again. Now when I’m settled and have been living and working in one city for so long, travel feels like a belonging that I left behind, on one of those winding, never-ending roads in places most people haven’t even heard of. I now jump at the first chance I get to travel, even better if it’s for work for then I get to be a workaholic and see a new place for free. It’s a Win Win.
Top by Koovs.com, Culottes by Sisley on Myntra.com, Heels by Charles N Keith, Neckpieces by Forever21 and Stylefiesta, rings by Koovs.com and asos.com

The last time I was in Kolkata was 15 years back, many school uniforms ago and going back brought back nostalgia. Everything’s changed but nothing has. The same old British buildings, the same kind of people, the same feel but the most beautiful frames around. Each spit filled street has a story to tell, a vibe of it’s own that gives the feeling of being transported into a different time.
Mumbai is a love affair that if my wife Bangalore found out about, she’d chop me up and serve me with salsa for dinner. I love that city even though it’s possibly a complete contrast to how I like to live and the kind of person I am. It has life, enough to distribute to at least 10 other states. It has a beach whose sound you can listen to in bed provided you have a membership at the billionaire’s club or if you’re house help for Shahrukh Khan.
Bustier by Forever21.com, Culottes by Sisley on Myntra.com, Heels by Charles N Keith, Bomber Jacket by Splashfashions
On my Face: The body Shop Tea Tree BB Cream

That was where our team set out for shoots, Kolkata on foot and Mumbai in cabs. We lived on the streets, ate on the streets and sometimes took a quick power nap on the streets too.
Those same streets are the reason I stayed away from the blog, I was too busy walking around in sneakers all day long, avoiding cops who were keen on busting our shoot, sweating out half the Arabian sea on my clothes, looking at frames and instagramming. I hope you guys saw some of what I saw but what I really hope is that you guys tie those laces up, get out and go touch the world, one street at a time.
Photos by James Kiren Joel
Take A Bow
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