jan 2015 cover

It’s time to say Hi to the new year and a big fat poochie (that’s pansy for kiss) to all you readers. I hope you guys have the best 2015 there ever was and that you’ll take it on as a challenge to just do the things you love doing. Work hard. travel far, love often, smile sheepishly and be happy with a vengeance.

I took some time off from the blog and office work as well towards the end of 2014 to travel and do the things I had missed out on, like looking at my friends faces while having a conversation with them instead of my laptop’s, I’m sure I’ll be making up for that the rest of this year. Like stepping out of the studio for work shoots and stepping into unexplored local streets with a camera and crew. Like stepping out of the no-time for relationships of any kind zone and turning out the open sign on the glass door. Like doing two fabulous shoots for the blog, different from the run-of-the-mill shoots I do which by the by, is part of my making up to you readers for disappearing from blog posts.

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