The last of last year

Home is where the fairy lights co-exist with the no Pyjamas rule.

¬†After spending the last few months with one leg in Bombay and the other in Bangalore while Goa air conditioned my backside, it’s good to be back home, for a bit.
Like I mentioned a few (100) times earlier, again a quirk I cannot seem to get rid of, this month has been all about the old posts that never made it to the blog. Primary reason being, too much travel hence lack of time.
Skirt from, Top: forever21, Heels: forever 21, Ring:


This particular post is a secret between you and I. A code of honor if you may, that makes us bond on a non-internet level. For if Sindhur finds out that I have put these pictures up, he will slam his camera on my head on slow shutter speed to grab the footage too. Basically he hates this set. I cannot blame him, by the time we got to this set, I had exhausted my Mojo and forgot where I had kept the rest. We went through the whole set of images like it was a task that my mother had handed to me, something that had to be done like a chore rather than louuve.
But I still decided to put up the post as a throwback, a gentle reminder of what we did wrong and how to improve it. It’s always good to see your growth graph, if any, and compare it and learn further. There, a philosophical thought to justify this post.

The next month of posts are going to be epic, they are going to set a new graph for the blog and set extreme standards to the new posts we shoot and write, standards that might kill us while we die trying to match.

Take A Bow

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