Take A Bowties And Bones

Take one languorous lady, add to that a sartorial gent, garnish with a fervorous photographer and you have, ready on a platter, blog for breakfast. Served much before you wake up. Ready in fact, just about 4 hours after dinner the night before.


That’s the story behind this month’s first blog post. A collaborative between Take A Bow and Bowties and Bones. He’s all bowties and makes no bones about it. She, on the other hand, slouches like she’s bowing down to an imaginary audience and collecting applause. Shot by the very quiet (seriously you can hear his shutter go off more often that his tongue) Kapil Shingada on an early (too early) morning in Mumbai.
Let’s rewind to where it all began. I call up Allen, beg him to give me sheltor while I’m in Mumbai, him and Sheri Peri discuss it, decide I can do the dishes for a day and let me stay. They don’t even let me do the dishes. We go out for dinner and catch up with Kapil, decide we must shoot the next day and Kapil says, “cool guys, see you at 5 a.m.” We throw up the lamb sliders we ate. 
“What in the world is 5:00 a.m” , I ask Al, “not a clue” says he. Sheri-Peri however is well aware of this monstrosity called 5:00 a.m and wakes Al up, he in turn laughs at my surprised expression the next morning while I gape at him, woken up to him staring at my face with his beard going in ten different directions, “it’s time” he said. “get lost” say I in a knowingly failed attempt to catch a few more winks.

Armed with sunglasses to hide all the lamb that has ‘slidered’ under our eyes and formed guinea bags, we head out, giving the building watchman an impression of being sacrosanct, god-respecting youngsters going to Church on an early Sunday morning. On our way to the location, we wake a few roosters up and watch them gawk in disbelief. They are so out of business.

 We start shooting and Allen got right down to being a Divo, feeling all awkward when early morning aunties jogged past us and did a double take as if to say, “what all riff-raff Bollywood launches these days.”

Allen, after around 15 minutes got into his swagger zone, leather jacket pocket squared, gave varied poses, head held high and stance sharp while I tried to keep my eyes open for a bit longer. All his awkwardness melted into the heat and he looked like he could do this all day. Luckily though, our shoot was done in less than an hour after which we stomped right into Krispy Kreme, ordered a few doughnuts and coffee and celebrated a Hallmark collaboration. We also made fun of another photographer shooting a (maybe newly married or going to get married or 1st month’s 2nd week anniversary) couple at Krispy Kreme and made them feel nervous around us newly initiated pros.

The outfits that you see were completely unplanned, Allen always knows what he wants to wear, his style Radar is always on standby. Diametrically different is my style, it decides who it is two hours after I wake up. I had planned a completely different outfit for the shoot but ended up wearing this Zara ensemble, you see the minute I landed in Mumbai, we hit the mall. With my luggage and groggy face. Wallet in hand a lot lighter, luggage in boot a lot heavier.

On Al: Goat Skin Leather Jacket: Jack N Jones, Crisp White Shirt by OVS, Silk Pocket Square by Zodiac, Wing-Tip Brogues by Clarks, Distressed Denims by Jack N Jones, Clubmaster by Ray Ban

 On Namita: T-Shirt Dress and Oversized Waistcoat by Zara, Pumps by Done By None, Pocket Square from Allen’s Wardrobe, Aviators by Forever New, Brooches from Citywalk Mall in Delhi and Koovs.com. The Fighter Jet Brooch is a hand me down by my uncle in the airforce. Handed down to my father, stolen by me. Hand – me- down.


We hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as we enjoyed shooting it and bonding over the entire affair, much to the dismay of Allen’s dog because now he’s gotta share Allen with the new Scrawny, White adopted child. 

Photos by Kapil Shingada Shutterobugger 

This time,
Take A Bowties And Bones
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