Well hello sweltering heat, humid air and the nagging desire to jump into the nearest water body.
Summers are here, actually this time, in my city they never really left. Apart from summers (which I have lots of time to talk about in the later course of the year) , this is the month of Holi, a festival I wish I still got to play with the same vigor and pomp as when we were kids, it’s also the women’s day month.
Women’s day is usually not that much of a deal, yes your guy friends wish you, yes sometimes your office gives you goodies (fingers crossed) and yes you feel a bit satiated that a day is dedicated in your honour but then again, shouldn’t every day be women’s day? Don’t women and men and every form of human deserve the same honour all the time? As a blogger, knowing that a few people read what I talk about, I’d like to make a sincere request, hoping that it will make a small difference if not large yet. Do treat everyone around you with respect, often, the biggest objectification of a woman is initiated by another woman. Don’t say things like her face is so and so, instead appreciate that she has the same problems as you and me and respect that. In fact, don’t just stop at women, do the same for every living thing, everywhere you live and all the resources you have and use.
This month, we didn’t have any specific shoots targeting women’s day but as luck would have it, our first post is a video which shows four women being treated to a damn good time. The second post too is a guest feature, a guy who as a woman, I would totally depend on and trust (for no other guy would get away with pulling my tee shirt without at least a broken nose). That’s what women’s day is about, being comfortable in the world you live in.
Take A Bow
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