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A good idea gets greater when two or more people come together to create something new, a fresher perspective, an unforeseen approach and a distinctive combination of thoughts and talent.


Which is why, our May issue is dedicated entirely to collaborative work. Take A Bow has, in this issue joined hands with a few people, thrown a few ideas around and tried out a format of listening to opinions and then doing. New to us yes, but a whole load of fun and learning.


In this process of joining hands, holding them and swinging them from side to side like a bunch of grown up male Indians, we also felt this need to do something for the people of Nepal. Having your entire life tossed around for no reason or fault of yours can definitely not be comfortable. So, we are selling prints (polaroids, postcards and frames of three different sizes) on our facebook page HERE and all the proceeds from what we make goes to Nepal, through a few people we know who are personally going to Nepal with food and commodities.

The entire process description is given below for your reference:


We are selling our photographs from the recent Kashmir Shoot to those who want to donate to Nepal and also keep a piece of our beautiful Earth with them. Let these pictures of the snow remind you of how stunning our planet is and how she can turn the tables and hurt us far more than we are hurting her.    


You can see and select the pictures from this link:


Instagrams on Polaroids Size: 3 inches x 2 inches , cost 150

Postcards (unframed) Size 4×6, cost 250

Framed and mounted prints:

5×7- 1000

8×10 -1500

10×16 – 2000

You can place your orders by mailing us at and let us know which print you would like and we will mail you details personally. Once we receive a total of 6 orders for polaroids and postcards, we will send them for printing and courier the same to you. You will also receive all details of which agency we are donating to and the efforts they are carrying out to help the victims to ensure that it goes into the right hands.

We will also ensure that you receive good quality prints, ones that can be gifted or put up on your walls, office desks and what nots.

All the funds excluding the cost of printing, framing and courier will be donated to Nepal. Post donation, a copy of the total bill will be sent across to each customer.


Please do help us in our efforts to buy some of the things Nepal needs, it’s about time we got each other’s back.


Stay Strong Nepal,

Take A Bow


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