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Titan: Someone who is god-like, or powerful and influential in a certain field.

Toast: The state of my physical being during this shoot. Minus the peanut butter. 


When Titan agreed to collaborate with me on a blog, I was as excited as a duckling in water for the first time. Titan has been around ever since I can remember and my memory serves up snippets of me whacking my Mum’s Gold plated Titan watch whenever I had an “important” function to go to, when I was 12 years old. The brand has come a long long way since then, proof of the matter lies in the fact that they now have Sunglasses too.  Being a summer like one we have never seen in Bangalore before, a handy pair of shades while shooting deemed a boon.

The only thing that felt like Sunday on this Hot Sunday was this yellow dress and the pace at which we shot, slow and unsteady because of the sweat in my photographer’s palms. The theme being #TheEyecatchers, I felt that the yellow dress was a perfect put me on.


This post, is the part 2 of the series, here I have showcased one entire look with a single pair of sunglasses, My favourite shape, the Aviators. This further certifies my belief that a classic aviator can go with anything and make anyone look cooler than they actually might be.

While scouting for places to shoot, keeping in mind that the key-point (excuse my corporate jargon) of the shoot has to be outdoor, in the hot summer sun, we came across this almost constructed building with glass on all sides. On a whim, we stopped and entered to find a small, lean but happy looking security guy who was more than happy to let us shoot there. The place has an open terrace with the one coloured wall that you see behind me and we felt it provided for a great backdrop to the shoot. Lots of sun, lots of sky, lots of yellow and lots of eye protection. Lot’s of reason to grab some eyeballs eh.


Love these glares by Titan? Well you can have one.

All you gotta do is take part in #TheEyecatchers contest:


Instagram: Click a selfie without any glasses on, follow and tag Titan Eye Plus and Take A bow ( @titaneyeplus and @__takeabow__)  on your picture. Tell us why you an #TheEyecatcher and the best entries win.


Facebook: Upload a picture without any Glasses, tag Titan and Take A Bow and tell us why you are #TheEyecatcher. The best entries here too win.



Dress by Koovs, Heels by, Neckpiece by Akaliko



Photos by Sindhur Reddy



Take A Bow

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