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One can make an entire documentary just by filming Bangalore’s clouds everyday


While this post has been shot in Bangalore, against our clear blue skies on a hot (very hot) summers day, the post is a little insight on my trip to Mumbai, in the summers.


You’re rolling your eyes at me already aren’t you, why on Earth would one want to go to Mumbai during their summers, not like they ever have a winter. But well, The beginning of May saw me board a flight with a small suitcase for I was going to be tolling it around with me all of two days wherever I went and lots of tissue paper, in an attempt to look fresh for the meetings I went there for.


As the doors of the aircraft open, the heat from outside immediately engulfs the cabin and melts the Air conditioning systems and half my face. I’m wearing a cotton tee, skinny dark denims (for I thought I need to look slightly formal for a meeting and dark is the way to go) and a floral men’s shirt draped on top to keep the harsh sun at bay. The only thing I did right was making full use of the tissue paper.


I also learnt some valuable lessons in How to deal with the Mumbai heat + humidity. I shall now share them with you.


1. Never ever, repeat after me, never ever wear White unless you’re travelling your own a/c car and going straight indoors and staying the hell there till the sun sets.


2. If you have wavy/curly hair like mine, well then you might need to seek help from a shrink, for your hair will be a mop, a mad mess if you may, of frizz and dry ends. It will also be a full grown tree now, as compared to just a shrub like in other non-humid cities.


3. You will have to kiss your conscience goodbye, for water conservation is not a choice. You will bathe, twice if not thrice. Each time with a scrubber, each time watching black water run off your body.


4. You will be broke, from the moment you step out of your house. For you will have to travel, far and wide, to get to most places. try taking a train in the heat during peak hours (which surprisingly every hour seems to be) or at any major station (which surprisingly all of them are) and you have a free black dye for your white shirt.


5. Don’t try to outsmart the weather and convince yourself that you can bear it, by this I mean, don’t sit outdoors at a coffee shop during the day, even if ten fans point at you. You will be soaked and the fans will blow dust at you, ten times over.


6. Tissues. Your best bet. For you will be drenched, face first from the moment you get out of the lift and will look like Godzilla oozing bodily liquids by the time you reach required destination.


7. Don’t fit a geyser in your house, you’ll never need it.


8. Do fit an A/C in every corner of your house including the bathroom and kitchen, you’ll be doing yourself a favour.


9. Drink a lot of water, for unlike in other cooler cities, Mumbai absorbs you from the inside, making you not pee, for a whole day. Very bad for your wee-wees and everything above.


10. Sunglasses will become a body part, for the sun feels like it’s growing out of your ass, while you’re bent over staring it square in the face.


These Sunglasses from Titan would’ve been apt for the trip To Mumbai, unfortunately I had already sent them back by then. That box from titan marked YES, I craved for. This summer heat that I had shot this post in, seemed petty in front of the oven that I went to.


Sunglasses by TITAN

Bodysuit by The Closet Label, Split Maxi by

On my face: The Body Shop Tea Tree BB Cream, Maybelline New York Cheeky Glow Blush in Rose, Lakme 9to5 Lipstick in Toffee Nexus


 Photos by Sindhur Reddy



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