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Don’t you guys just love it when you enter a store, see some great pieces of clothing and then look at the price tag to know buying these doesn’t mean having to trade this month’s waxing appointment?

Well I do. My choice of everyday clothing largely depends on affordability and durable clothes, you won’t see me spending big bucks on clothes that I wear to work, primarily because my work is a bit of a tough cookie to deal with. It’s also a determinant of  requiring to wear more “running around” clothes, jeans, tees, shorts, sneakers.

Like I’ve mentioned before, A regular day to office for me is getting onto my motorbike, taking an hour and a half to et to work in the crazy heat, crazy autowallas, all the time trying to not come under a truck or falling out of an auto. The work place can be crazier, with 8-9 hour shifts, shooting in run down buildings and studios, getting your hands and pants dirty and being on your feet constantly amidst flashing lights and flashing people, chaos.


So when I reviewed the People store in association with PopXO I decided to create 3 looks, it gave me the chance to pick out more stuff for my everyday wardrobe. Armed with my photographer, I walked in, like Ego from the movie Ratatouille, a hard critic. But the staff of the store and the clothes turned me into a mush-ball within 5 minutes. I was to create 3 looks but I went ahead and made 5. I was always the greedy sorts. Check out the looks from People, head there soon and pick out the perfect summer wardrobe and if you’re lucky to not have a dress code at work, a work wardrobe as well. Also, while you’re busy whiling away time at work, do check out for a good dose of great content. Since you’re already doing so much, may as well check out the instagram handle where all our looks are stored at #clickbook and #starttrending


Look 1

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Look 2

Tab (45 of 1)



Tab (17 of 1)



Look 3HP2A4741 HP2A4766 HP2A4801



The ‘Out Of Greed’ Looks

people 6


All the clothes and Bags are from People


Photos by Rajeev



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