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I’ve spent 15 years being told my tummy greets people before I do, another 10 being told my legs are too skinny, my hair is too bushy and my behavior is that of a dinosaur. Today, these are the characteristics I love the most about myself, except the tummy though, that can rot in hell.


I had a swimwear shoot on my shoot list for ages but each time we planned it, something came up and we’d put it in the back burner for that month. This happened a few times over which was a good thing because I needed that much more time to get myself to look half-sexy in a swimsuit instead of a bull-dozing backstroker. I decided to make the change for this shoot.

Me to Gym Trainer: “I need you to get rid of my tummy and arm flab in 3 weeks. If I die in the process, you put my body in a swimming pool and get some blog shots”.

Trainer to me: “Tomorrow morning 7:00 a.m and tomorrow evening 5:00 p.m”.

Yes, you may start criticising me now and saying that I have no business being skinny and still hitting the gym but I have an answer to that, one you may not like much.


Dear Critiques (of the skinny people)

First and of foremost mention, stop telling us to eat more as though you dole out our food. Stop asking us why we don’t eat unless you have Cctv footage as evidence. Stop telling us we’ve lost pounds each time you see us, with that sympathetic face that my mum (who feeds me a lot) would like to smack with a frying pan. Leave all the anecdotes for our grandmothers to do, for heaven’s sake, don’t take away their full-time job from them.


Next, get over the fact that some people have different body types and that our reaction to food will differ from yours. Try, if it’s not too much to ask for, to understand that we can eat your entire fridge worth of food as breakfast and your entire building as dessert. No, we do not starve ourselves, for we too, like you are educated, have bodily functions that require energy and a stomach that rumbles as often as yours. So stop trying to give us your diet charts and home-packed lunches, unless you’ve brought some kebabs. While we are skinny today, we may bloat at 30 or we might still be skinny when other around us are being taken to the toilet by a crane, even during that time, we’re probably chewing on some popcorn while watching you. Also, just because we look fragile, do not for a moment assume that we are 5 minutes away from falling apart at the joints. If generations of our skinny family did not, neither will we. What’s more, we have more pointy edges than you which we are trained to attack with.


Lastly, just close your eyes and imagine me brandishing a rolling pin at you while you crumble under the visual of us eating a whole wedding cake while doing the tango for 5 hours in a wispy waistline, It’s called metabolism, sometimes genetics, falsely known as starvation.


It’s funny that I felt the need to say this but body image issues aren’t a problem only curvy girls deal with and I know this because I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum. If you’re lean, they say you’re too skinny, if you’re chubby they call you fat. I’ve had both coming my way, sometimes within a gap of just two days which goes to show one person’s perception of a perfect body is a contradiction to another’s but as far as I’m concerned, both perceptions can hold hands and walk straight into a gutter. No one deliberately tries to be too skinny or too fat and can be whichever they like whenever they like.


Me, well, I have no waist, I have shoulders the size of Mount Rushmore and I have no boobs but all the jokes in the book have already been made on that. But the one thing I have is what I feel everyone should is that I’m the only one I allow to critique my body. I run, I workout, I avoid certain unhealthy foods on most days and just like anyone else and I don’t want to get fat again. But I’m also the same person who cheats with an XXL tub of caramel popcorn, a non-diet pepsi and a bowl of fried food. Wanting to live a healthier life and eat clean is a personal choice I made so the next time you screw up your nose at my boiled eggs and broth, I might just pull the nose right off your face. The next time you call a curvy girl fat, she might just sit on you and put a white flag in your tush. So let people be, not on the receiving end of your poor judgement.



Photos by Sindhur Reddy
Wardrobe Courtsey: The Closet Label || Location Courtsey: Bricklane Grill
I’m wearing: Swimsuits by The Closet Label | Striped Button Down shirt by Vero Moda | Sheer Bomber Jacket by Koovs | Pearl Earrings by Style Fiesta | Neckpiece by Forever21 | Nail ring and Palm Bracelet by Koovs | Sunglasses by Asos
On my face: Kiehls Vit C Serum The Body Shop Tea Tree BB Cream | Maybelline Hyper Liner in Black | Loreal Colour Riche In Glamour Fuchsia (the colour of the lipstick is varied in the pictures because of toning)




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