Drown or Swim.

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The things your heart truly desires take the longest to come your way.

The things your heart truly desires will eventually come your way.


Ever faced a situation where You’ve already taken a plunge and the only options in front of you are to either somehow swim or die drowning? Well, I am right now. Facing this situation that is, hoping to somehow swim.


Swimming has taught me many things. It’s taught me that the best way to actually do something is by ending up without an option otherwise. I learnt that young, when my dad pushed me into the deep end of a pool even before I knew how to swim in shallow waters. I had no choice but to flail around like an electrocuted eel, gasp, sputter and kick to stay afloat. I had no choice but to swim.

It’s taught me what it feels like to push your limits, your body and your mind to get somewhere. It’s taught me that even the breaks that you take to catch up on your breath, need to be well thought of, timed and utilised well.

It’s taught me that once you’ve dove, you don’t look back, you only look ahead and keep coming up to take a glimpse of the finishing line. You don’t hear the crowds cheer or boo, you don’t see your opponents behind or ahead of you and you don’t hear your own fear of losing.

Most importantly it’s taught me, my dad cannot be trusted around water, but that he has my back without me knowing. For he jumped in alongside me after pushing me into the water, lest I do drown.


So when I decided to take a leap of faith and quit the job that I loved so much, the first person I spoke to was my dad. I walked into his room at 12 in the night and woke him up to ask , “Let’s say I quit work tomorrow, will you support me?” In his signature, he replied, “ Listen to me you goofy, financially, I won’t give you a penny, you’re on your own. But when you’re upset and crying, I can go and buy you a box of tissues and a chocolate of which I get 50 per cent.” That’s how my family gets my back, by not really endowing me with materialistic support but by pushing me ahead a bit harder, on my own two left feet.


That confirmed, I went in and quit my job. Not that it was a mundane, annoying desk job, quite the contrary in fact, I loved almost every day of my time there, I learnt all that I wouldn’t have dreamt of learning elsewhere, made the best of friends and found a small part of my dream. Which is why I figured it was time to find the rest. What that rest is, I don’t know yet, how I’ll find it, I don’t know that yet either but I do know I’m going to take a wee stop to come above the surface, breathe a bit, float in still waters for a while before I sink my head in again and go at it. Maybe I’ll go for a swim to clear my head and just stare up at the skies. Maybe I’ll dive right in. I love the possibilities and the idea of learning how to swim again. I can’t fly yet, but swimming is the next best thing.


Photos by Sindhur Reddy
Wardrobe Courtsey: The Closet Label || Location Courtsey: Bricklane Grill
I’m wearing:  Pink Bralet Bikini Top by River Island on Jabong | Monochrome High Waist Bikini Briefs by The Closet Label | Pink Denim Gilet by Vero Moda | Orange Bandeau Bikini Top by Asos | Printed bikini Briefs by Jabong | Pearl Earrings by Style Fiesta | Neckpiece by Forever21 | Nail ring and Palm Bracelet by Koovs | Aviators by Forever New
On my face: Kiehls Vit C Serum The Body Shop Tea Tree BB Cream | Maybelline Hyper Liner in Black | Loreal Colour Riche In Glamour Fuchsia (the colour of the lipstick is varied in the pictures because of toning)



Take A Leap of Faith,

Take A Bow

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