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Happiness. When you barf glitter and poop rainbows. When you smile till your jaw locks and dance till your foot is loose. 


When the definition itself brings a smile, then why not keep that feeling going forever. Trying to be happy is half the act done. There have been times when I’ve felt like my world is spinning like a plane falling through the sky, when I haven’t found bliss in even joy inducers like travelling, full fat milk or having my dog sneeze into my mouth. But One day, I decided that I had one life and I better be happy living it. So I set forth with a few things I wanted to do that kept me happy and today, if you meet me, you’ll leave thinking I’m high on a happy drug. It’s nauseating.


Chumbak, a brand that you all know and have grown to love has taken happiness into their stride and created a whole new range of clothing, garments that are eclectic in their simplicity, designs that are quirky but well thought of and fabrics that feel like mom’s hand-made clothes from when you were younger. All with a motive to #MakeHappy. All Chumbak wants to do is make you feel happy with whatever they create and you buy. See, happiness, it’s not that complicated.


When Chumbak got in touch with me to create a post, they gave me the freedom to shoot with any theme or vision, as long as it reflected what makes me happy. I instantly knew what I wanted to do.


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One morning, Sindhur and I set out, for breakfast. Nothing makes me happier than a great English breakfast at my favourite cafe, Glens. We headed on over and ordered for all the sugary goodness we felt we could eat and just had conversations about how pleasant our city is, about where we should travel to next, about how I should not leave my boxers on the living room couch. Then we went for lunch (where I fell sick and had to push the shoot to later in the day) and finally ended up shooting at night at my favourite dessert place, Lavonne. The sugar consumed in the morning wasn’t remotely remembered and we ordered for ourselves, platefulls of eclairs and pastries. Just before wrapping up our shoot, we paid a quick visit to Doctor as I wasn’t feeling too well (Doctor is the black Labrador you see in the pictures) and he fixed me right up.


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While at it, I also put down a few things that I do and you might want to try or alter in a manner as such to make yourself feel happy

1. Do a new thing each month: Anything that you haven’t done before, like, go on a ride or teach a child how to read or oil your hair. Anything.

2. Meet a friend everyday: This one’s tough if you’re living in a city like Mumbai but try. You’ll see that there are so many people like you who are free and you can end up making a new friend.

3. Create something: Just sit down with paper and pen or cloth and scissor, go online and try to make something. Cut up your old denim and make a bow-tie or draw the name of your house help on paper and gift it to them, they’ll probably keep it in their cupboard for safekeeping.

4. Hug someone at work. Please don’t go hug someone you don’t know, they might make you the opposite of happy.

5. Spray Perfume: In your room, on yourself, on the neighbor’s cat when you catch her stealing from your kitchen. Perfumes release pheromones which make you happy and attracted to something. Just don’t go and hit on the neighbor’s cat, or the neighbor if he isn’t cute.

Wearing: Collection One by Chumbak

You can shop all outfits at Chumbak.com


Photos by Sindhur Reddy


#MakeHappy and

Take A Bow


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  • Mansi Bhatia

    Such an amazing post, and even better pictures! Loved all the looks! <3

    Do visit: http://www.style-psychic.com

  • http://www.500px.com/vasugopuphotography Vass Gopu

    its a very well promotion for a brand !!!
    good job !!!

  • Jashan Deep

    love that skirt.. :)

    • admin

      thank you so much :)