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“We’re stuck in the same boat, we are. You and I.”

Hell no, both boats are my boats and I won’t let you in.

Both boats are my boats with me unstuck within.

You are stuck in a boat, you are. Just you and your sky.


I’ve lived an uncanny, rhetoric life, so far. As if to bewilder me, it springs up surprises to which I might have just the singular thought aligned, as if to humour me, that thought plays out into reality. A reality that I wanted and live, as if to challenge life, my biggest supporter.


I had been ranting and whining about travelling to Kashmir, later agreeing to make-do with Kerela because it was closer to home, then often about wanting to move to Mumbai, then agreeing to make-do with a different hangout in Bangalore.


Basically I’ve been sitting in one boat for a while, wanting to row the other. And this year I did, while ‘Rock you like a Hurricane’ by ‘The Scorpions’ hammered on as the background score. Little did I know, that I was to pull off stunts, with one leg in each motorboat while they raced against time towards the finish line with me just about keeping my half-balanced butt in place. Another discovery is that one vertical half of my body is heavier than the other, so I’m always inclined more to one side. Telling you which side that is, would be giving out too much.


From Kashmir in February to Kerela in September, my entire reality has changed but what has not, is my love for both the states and my love for both the cities I call my home.


To Me, Kashmir and Bangalore are home. Places I love and will always have a piece of my heart buried at, places I will return to often but maybe not for good. Places where I belong and have the most freedom and love-induced strangulation. But, places that I enjoyed cheating on, with Kerela and Mumbai.

You see, Kerela and Mumbai are not home but they’re the backyard with the swing. Where even though I’ve never been restricted, I felt free in a truer sense than freedom itself. Places which are second best to home but just what I need now. Places that are tougher to live in than home, but where the tough gets me going. Those that are a complete contrast to what I love, yet that are loved like an adopted child, quite unconditionally.


For, I chose two boats to row. And as life would have it, if I usually want something and work towards it bad enough, I get it in a hamper, a red ribbon tied on top and a greeting card that may as well say “Season’s Screwings”

There’s not much I want to say about my travel to Kerela, most of what needed to be shared immediately, was given it’s dues in the previous post.


The rest of what needs to be said will be presented to you soon, in the form of a Travel Video, another one from Sindhur Reddy Productions, the ones that brought to you the Kashmir Travel Video, winner of the ‘Mutual Friends Adoration Award’ and the ‘How Did They Make It Out Alive Award'; where we create stories on the go and are turned on by shooting in the hot sun without any food or water. For we are Cacti.

The only thing I want to say for now is, that Kerela was the perfect end to a year that started off with a trip to the mountains and a worthy contender to the best opponent, Kashmir.


Photos by Sindhur Reddy


Wearing: Skirt by

Trench by Promod

Top by

Flats by Miss bennett on

Flower Hair Clips by Accessorize


Will Work For Travel,

Take A Bow

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