In 2 Boats – The Travel Film.

take a bow travel film


As promised last week, here’s a beautiful travel and fashion film we created while on our trip to Kerela.


The trip was so much more than beaches but this was where I felt most at peace, you see, water trees and blue skies are better than your local shrink. I wish I’d seen more of Kerela but I do feel I saw the best of it in this short trip.


At the start of this year, we travelled to Kashmir. I took a boat ride.
At the end of that trip, I had a desire to go to Kerala next, the complete opposite.
At the end of this year, we traveled to Kerala. I took a boat ride.



Video shot by Sindhur Reddy and Arindham Biswas

Edited by Arindham Biswas

Special thanks to Devavratha Kalkura

Music: “Never Tried” by Sturzstrom
2011 – Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) (CC BY 3.0)




Take A Bow

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  • Jashan Deep

    Awesome.. just love that outfit :)

    • admin

      thank you, i hope u have an amazing new year!!