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Another year gone by, leaving behind a few more wrinkles (we had a deal, dear age), a few more strands of white hair (remember our deal, dear age), a few more layers of fat to be lost (I mean really, a deal is a deal you prick) and a lot more memories (whatever).


It’s that time of the year when I sit and ponder over all the promises I made to myself last December and I just remembered (aghast at myself, for I have the memory of a potato and I’ve let down that reputation if only temporarily) that 2014’s last post had me predicting, rather making a list of things I should focus on in 2015.

Lists. Now that’s something I should try to stop making this year, I have a Grocery list for every two weeks, multiple to-do lists and to-do on priority lists within those lists. That’s a lot of lists. This year, I’ll do reminders instead. And Remind myself to put a reminder to stop making lists.

As I look back at that post from last year and re-read it, I realise it was only yesterday for I still remember the words. But also, that I did accomplish what I had set out for.


Excerpts from last year: 2015 looks just the right part for contender in a match that started last year, from slowly pencil scratching the bucket list to drafting the travel wishlists to somehow squeezing in some “me time”, this 2015 guy I have a good feeling about, like I can put my money on him and win some bets. Work hard. travel far, love often, smile sheepishly and be happy with a vengeance. I took some time off from the blog and office work as well towards the end of 2014 to travel and do the things I had missed out on, like looking at my friends faces while having a conversation with them instead of my laptop’s. Check, Check and Double check.


I’m sure I’ll be making up for the rest, this year. Like stepping out of the studio for work shoots and stepping into unexplored local streets with a camera and crew. Like diving head-first out of the ‘no-time for relationships of any kind’ zone and turning out the open sign on the glass door for the people I love. Like churning out a whole new range of content for the blog, different from the run-of-the-mill shoots I do, by finally turning the blog into a magazine of sorts. Starting with a line from every practiced speech in the world, do support me in my endeavour. Moving onto really getting ‘down’ to the point, tell me what you guys like or what you don’t, intimate relationships such as ours, are a two way street you see. Ok, enough with the kinky talk. See you next year!!



Take A Bow

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