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Synthesize: To combine things to make something new.

For example:

1 man + 1 hair bun = a hipster

4 ounces bacon + 1 day cardio = Heart Attack

(1 day of ecstatic + 1 day of depressed)^n = Too many WTFs!

As another year ends and as another time, I get screwed over in the climax of this period drama, I cannot stop but look up at the sky, flail my arms around haplessly and shout aloud, what are you doing? Our deal said part-time court jester and I’m the only one without any leave. That’s it, I’m going to the ‘Petty Humans Grievances Shall Not Be Redressed Forum.


There’s my year for you, just like every year it’s a crazy ride without insurance, a highway without hitch-hiking, a red bull with a goat. It’s like all the good times synthesize with the bad and give me a dollop of goo with a candle that says, “Here’s all the memories, now blow.”


I blew and made a wish.


I wish that this coming year, 2016, I travel more than I did last year. I wish I continue to do one new thing each month and keep that going. I wish I spend more time reading. I wish I do better work even if lesser work. I wish I give back to the less fortunate. I wish someone blows every terrorist up in the world. I wish someone would secretly hire me to blow up every terrorist in the world. I wish a cardamom plant starts growing in my balcony. I wish people would stop spitting and start doing something more useful with their mouths, like singing (what did you think). I wish calories wouldn’t count and bacon would get listed as the superfood of 2016. I wish we’d stop being bitches to one another and collectively be bitches to corrupt humans. I wish onions were cheaper or dispensable to cooking. I wish  my hair would not slowly disappear and my pimples would disappear.


What do you wish for?


Synthesize: To combine things to make something new.

For example:

1 wish + 1 work towards them = wish complete

1 happy day + 1 sad day = knowing that there’s another happy day ahead

1 year down + 1 year to go = 365 more mystery boxes


Photos by Sindhur Reddy


Wearing: Blazer by Van Heusen , Denims by New Look on, tee shirt by Sneakers and rings by Forever21, Brooch: The Gurkha Regiment

Eyeliner: Maybelline Hyper Liner. Lipstick: Lakme 9to5 in Toffee Crush



Take A Bow 


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