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I had a two hour long chat with myself. It was the best conversation that month.

Some of you who have been reading my blog for a while might already know that I talk to myself, a lot. I think it’s imperative to take a good hard look at yourself once in a while and give yourself the talk. No one after all, can solve your problem better than you can.


I took sometime off to reflect upon something from last year and I needed a good shaking up. But the serious bits we leave out. We tell you instead, how the conversation went.


Me: “I have to change a couple of things this year.”

Mirror Me: “First change your face and the time at which you decide to wake me up and have these “conversations” which is code for you whining and me patting your back.”

Me: “Wow you insensitive prick, my problems are yours too.”

Mirror Me: “Wow you sensitive soap star, your problems are like pin pricks, they should ideally last for only a few seconds.”

Me: ” So the maid didn’t come again today. I’m thinking I should find a new one.”

Mirror Me: “We discussed this last week and the week before. She is going to miss work regularly, suck it up. Besides, she has threatened all the other maids in the building and no one will work for you. Also, she’s going to bunk again next week so keep some maggi handy.”

Me: “My sleep pattern is messed up.”

Mirror Me: “Yeah well, it matches your face now.”

Me: ” I’ve been missing gym again.”

Mirror Me: “You’ve been not missed by anyone again.”

Me: “God, why do I even bother, talking to you is such a waste of time.”

Mirror Me: “And yet you’ll be back next week or sooner. Do you want tissues or cheap chocolate cake then?”


See, Mirror me really cares but has the emotional range of an avocado seed. It helps to have an intervention with yourself and change what you subconsciously know is wrong. It keeps you sane but far importantly, it keeps you happy.


Photos Sindhur Reddy

Make Up and Hair Justin Lhouvam


Wearing: Cordinates from Oliv on Koovs, Earrings: Forever New, Bag: Jabong, Flats: Koovs



Take A Bow

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