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That’s, have you eaten rice? In Malayalam.


I did just google that because I recently went to Varkala which is at the tip of Kerela and is a welcome change from Goa, also the land of the red rice eating. This post is not about Varkala or travelling but of the imminence of, for the first time in your life, not knowing what the hell to do and facing confusion by the multitude, of watching your life crumbling apart and the joy of watching as your world slowly gathers itself and builds itself back up only because you hung in there, whether by the drive of a thousand social workers  or by the sheer knowledge of knowing you have not much choice or say in the matter. They forgot to ask you.


Varkala was a trip I made just to get away from it all, assuming that a beach vacay alone would clear out my mind. It didn’t but what it did was to give me enough time and space to try out something new. Until now, it’s always been about work, timelines, shoots, bookings and coping with living alone for the first time, to a point where I slowly lost sight of what I personally liked. But suddenly losing all of that, initially grieved me into self-defecated sadness and turned into something beautiful. Of discovery, realisation and curiosity. Of asking myself whether I really wanted what I had or did I just take it because I could at that point. Of discovering the joy of creating motion picture and rediscovering my love for sentimental writing to smatter that, every once in a while amidst a plate full of sarcastically lewd, funny to me, articles.


Transforming, from blood red to rose quartz, from black and never-ending navy blue to serenity. Serene, that’s not just a pantone color thrown at designers by WGSN, it’s a state of being. Rose quartz, that’s just a stone. Let’s just assume it has healing properties equivalent to Japanese monks practicing Acupuncture.


I had been meaning to do a series on the spring summer pantone shades of the year, Rose Quartz and Serenity just in case you’d missed that out from the hundred inferences I’ve mentioned, but it kept getting pushed behind. Now, I’ve finally got this in place but the season is over. So I had to associate it with my personal life mediocrity to give this post some form of semblance. Enjoy at my expense


Photos by Sindhur photography


Look 1: trousers : Crop top: Lavish Alice on Denim trench: Alia Bhat for Heels: No Doubt on

Look 2: top: oliv on Shorts: Dorothy Perkins on Heels: my foot on



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