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All of last month, we posted pictures on our Instagram and a few video snippets on our Youtube page of a spontaneous trip we took to Varkala and Wayanad. By we, I mean my two friends from college and I. Those were just glimpses into what is a full-fledged travel video. Here’s presenting postcards from Varkala and Wayanad and THE FILM.



Also, please do go to varkala, just don’t do your regular Goa Shit there. For starters, don’t get a decrepit Honda Dio or bludgeoning bullet, cycle it instead, don’t buy a kings beer, get at least a Carlsberg and definitely don’t do a Facebook check-in. We don’t want everyone we know and despicably avoid in the city to bump into us at a coconut shrimp restaurant, swinging their tee-shirt in the air while juggling a kings beer in one hand and the honda Activa in the other telling us about the sick time they had last night at Club Cabbanna because we know, by sick you mean you really were sick and threw up in the second floor pool.


But here’s a list of things you absolutely should do in Varkala and Wayanad:


  1. Swap a few beers for the local coconut water cocktails and Kokum juices. Eat appam and stew for breakfast, Italian Zuccinni pasta for lunch made by an Italian settled in Varkala, his restaurant is called viva. Do have a pussyfoot cocktail at the juice shack because in Varkala you can be whoever you want to be, even be the one who has a smoothie for dinner because you know, healthy is a word you should throw around to sound cool even if you ate half your grandmother last dinner. The paternal half!!
  2. Visit a music store on the cliff beach market and ask one of the store guys to throw in a grand performance post which he’ll let you play an instrument, all the while showing you down and nodding his head in abysmal disbelief at your lack of ear-hand co-ordination.
  3. Drive down towards Kaapil beach and stop near the backwaters, its the only place you’ll have to believe has a beach and backwater within one arm’s distance from each other. Don’ forget to vake a selfie on the upturned boats, abandoned until the next morning when the fishermen will come, spray jasmine air freshener to mask the rotten fish smell and make their way into the ocean, translucent mundu (it’s not lungi, it’s a mundu) clad.
  4. Shack up at a resort away from the main Varkala beach. You won’t regret it but unless you behave, the throng of foreign tourists sharing the resort’s private beach with you, will.
  5. In Wayanad, take a speed boat ride. There is a boat driver (his face is in our video) with sunglasses of the sports kind, get into his boat and look fearless. Only then will he show you a good time. He won’t stop even if you shriek like a little ballerina.
  6. In Wayanad, visit the park which takes you to the speedboats, see the museum in it and ask, pray, ask the caretaker to release the birds from their cages. Chances are, it’s not in his hands but let’s give him a conscience in the bargain. In the same park, watch fully grown men in mundus, joyously swinging off tree branch swings. You’ll see how powerful a garment the mundu really is and how much fun a swing was before we forgot all about it.
  7. If you’ve driven down to either place, please believe google maps when it says you will take 8 hours to make way through 250 kms. Don’t question it, google, in this case particularly, does really know more. Keeping that in mind, don’t ask a friend to wait two hours while you reach, poor chap will make a meal of you when you eventually turn up 6 hours late.
  8. Do not, I repeat just to make myself clear, do not miss eating a meal on the highway at a restaurant called 1980’s Nostalgia. Eat the meal and have it with a filter tea. Bring me back some.


I hope you guys do get a chance to do a road-trip but just remember, believe google maps. It wasn’t lying for us!


Pictures: Rahul Poonja and Namita Gautham

Video shot by Rahul Poonja and Namita Gautham

Edited by Vinay Shah

Music by Alt-J

*All music rights owned by Alt-J, not used for commercial purposes



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