Disguised Blessings.

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I dreamt a dream. Of lush green interspersed with vivid blue.

I thought a thought, that this was meant to be, in time due.

I felt a feeling, of joy when one made way for another,

I saw a sight, of a long forgotten desire coming to the fore.

In a moment of solitude, I received a blessing, one I wouldn’t know.

A blessing, disguised as a shortcoming, really an open gateway to presumably much more.


This month is entirely dedicated to a place called Coorg. I could well take a que from John Oliver and show you the wrong place highlighted on a map of India and you wouldn’t know if I was really highlighting Coorg or the entire Deccan Plateau. Most people outside of South India don’t know of Coorg, which is sad because in almost every large city, there is atleast one road in a defence area named after a Coorg Army General. It’s also sad because Coorg is bloody beautiful, like postcard worthy beautiful, like trade your holiday to Manali with one
to Coorg beautiful, It’s a district in Karnataka (which is a state in South India, not representative of Madras)


Coorg is often called the Scotland of India and I almost expected to pass by men in kilts, tending to estates the size of Castles, the latter being true.


After having lived in Karnataka for over ten years, I must reprimand myself for waiting so long before making a trip to Coorg only recently. Boy did I go all mother-sister expletives on myself while gaping at the landscapes outside of my car. This trip is also significant because it’s the very first time I’ve driven all the way, both ways. Primarily due to my unjustified fear of sitting in a car someone else is driving. There was no way i was going to let that happen over a period of 6 hours.


A trip to Coorg was also a mid-way change in decision. We were initially headed to Chikmagalur but me being in charge of bookings meant I screwed that up and we took a detour to Coorg instead. Glad we did. Glad I finally visited, better late than never, better stay forever.

I’m going to leave the pictures to do the rest of the talking and more in the next few posts this month.

Photos by Sindhur Reddy

Wearing: trousers asos, top koovs.com, boots zara



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